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Find a list of Walmart's most frequently requested public policies and guidelines, including our store return policy, coupon policy and more. We seek continuous improvement in animal welfare practices within our fresh pork supply chain. Every fresh pork supplier will be required to meet the new program requirements. Specific new tracking and audit requirements include:. To meet those needs, we work with partners all along the supply chain to improve the sustainability of products we sell.

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Duh in Stamford, Connecticut. Jay in Lewiston, Maine said: Why doesn't she quit if it's so bad? YOU obviously do and are in the management training program! You are right about Wal Mart, if you get sick and call off they will fire you and you cannot get unemployment benefits I have stopped shopping at Wal Mart! Harpo in Kokomo, Indiana. I rescently interviewed with Walmart about a regional cable technician position. LaurenWM in Canton, Ohio. However, I do not intend for this to be my "career" so I think that may have a big influence on it.

I am a college student and work there full time. They have treated me very fairly and for me, Wal-Mart has been a great place to work at. I really loved my co-workers and even though the management is a little hard to work with sometimes, if you treat them with respect and do you job well, then you should have no problem.

Lexie Whitacre said: I am a 3 month employee at a very new walmart-Since I have started I have suffered lots of abbuse-I refuse to quit because the two girls creating the most drama wants that. They cuss so much I have a headache working aroung them-Even if there are customers they cuss. The thing i cant tolerate the most is how they treat walmart property by throwing it,throwing it from one isle to another-They claim to have an open door policy however when I complained I was the one sent home-I feel like I am in a twighlight zone however I need to work and hopefully walmart will see that these girls are not true assets to the company-plus I have never been a quiter!!

I pray things will get better,I love the work I do I jut hope I can find away to accept and deal with these issues-Thank you for listening. Deborah Jacobson in Sheridan, Illinois. Also, formerly a manager at a computer company. With the state of the economy, I took a part-time job at Walmart to fill a gap in the real estate business. I have now quit Walmart after 6 months. I was not fired and have no intention of ever returning.

However, if anyone is thinking of going there for employment, run for your life!!! Do absolutely anything but work at Walmart. If you are not a person who is strong of character, Walmart will beat you down. As a sales associate you will quickly learn your opinion or suggestions do not count, going the extra mile to help a customer or a co-worker does not count, and YOU as a human being do not count for anything.

I learned that if you have the ability to fog a mirror, you can be a manager at Walmart I could write a book on examples of ignorance and lack of logic. I have way too much to say than the intent of this forum. So, as a professional who was temporarily filling a financial gap, I pity anyone who thinks they must work at Walmart. If you are new to the job market, please don't think all jobs are like this.

Walmart will ruin your self-esteem while physically sucking every last morsel of energy from your body. You will go home after your shift feeling half dead, crabby and mad at the world. Life is not meant to be like that and too short to spend it at Walmart! Well Alan i do know what you mean. I had been working for walmart for close to 3 years.

I was a supervisor that really didnt get the support or backing from the ass. When i needed them to back me with the crew i was running they alwaystry to put it on the next manager on shift. Now mind you the co-man was there when i was told things would get ugly if the trailer wasnt done. There have been other incidents that are too many to mention on here that basically sum up contradiction after contradiction Dont even get me started on favoritism in the work place. Let me tell you this was used with the managers..

When i needed them to back me with the crew i was running. The ass. Once i was cussed out , it was be my word agianst theirs,The manager that dealt with this problem did not support me at all. I was threatened by the same crew member that same week. I felt that if i took it to manager they would not do anything about it anyway,Their to busy trying to meet deadlines ,time limits ,quotas etc.

Davebold in West Columbia, South Carolina. I have been with walmart for a little over a year now. I come from a background where you worked, no matter who you are. I have been in a management position at one of my other jobs, and i worked hard for my people. Thus, out of respect they worked hard for me. Yet, i find myself at Walmart where it's not the same. According to my management, they are told to make us work and not work themselves. I understand this military style thinking, but we are not putting our lives on the line to protect our country.

We are out there saling low end products to people. I think the job itself is great, but the management makes the job difficult some days. When it comes to the hours and pay: I started off making 7. I now make 8. If you do the math, it doesn't add up. The schedules tend to flux like a heart beat. Three weeks, you will get 12 hours per week. While the next two weeks, you acquire hours per week.

Also, the hours on conflicting. This week, Thursday, i work pm, then on Friday i work pm. I live an hour away. This would be perfect for someone that lived closer, but i live far away. I informed the management using the open door policy, but as you can see, nothing has changed this past year. Thus, Walmart scheduling of hours is a little messed up. The job itself is a great job. The customers can be fun to work with, and "sometimes" the management can be fun to work with too.

If you are not willing to apply yourself and stand up against abuse, you can't move in this company. I say this because it can be both physically abusive When your a man and emotional abusive. All in all, Walmart is great for a temp job, not a career. To anyone who does NOT agree with the post has it easy in the walmart world. I started out as a cashier when i was 18 about 2 years ago making 8. I quickly moved on up to a CSM about 5 months after working there at We recently just moved from our little store to a new store, a supercenter, on April 13, This time last year I was asked to apply for a position in assistant management for the new store and agreed.

I was making When we started building in the new store I was in charge of the whole grocery dept aswell as HBA. I remember helping a co-worker who was a dept. To be honest all of these people ride the clock or salary doing nothing but thinking of way to make someones life miserable. They think all employees are joke when they are the ones with so much power that they have no clue what to do with.

Manager Diana makes comments the whole time, I finally had enough of her mouth and I said, "You didnt keep your nose in your own business when I first started working here, so now its time to do it. I feel sorry for anyone who goes into walmart for a job, your looked down on and joked upon. Management at walmart is nothing but a competition to see who can get the highest up.

BReich in Lombard, Illinois. I have been sitting here reading all of your comments about how WalMart is horrible. Well, let me fill you in. Try working for a mall department store and then come back and tell me which is worse. Before that I worked for Sears. The location I worked in shut down because it was a small store in a dying mall.

After working my ass off for 2 and a half years, that is what I got. Even our store manager lost her job after working for the company for 17 years. Then I go to Carson Pirie Scott thinking it may be better. I was wrong! Much worse. I wasn't even "part-time". They hired me as short hour.

If a department manager is dating one of his associates, will they both be fired when it is found out or just him? Our OGP department manager was fired a few weeks ago for dating an hourly and only he was fired for it. What about a DM dating an associate from another department. WATCH News headlines today: May 9, Add Walmart as an interest to stay up to date on the latest Walmart news, video, and analysis.

Our unique culture drives our purpose of saving people money so they can live better, and the foundation of our culture is a commitment to operating with integrity. Even as we change to meet the needs of our customers, Walmart will stay true to the values, beliefs and behaviors that have guided us over the last 50 years. Regardless of where each of us works in our global company, this Statement of Ethics is the guide to exemplifying integrity as a Walmart associate. This Statement of Ethics applies to me, the board of directors and all associates at every level of our organization. Through your ethical behavior and willingness to speak up for the highest standards, we earn and keep the trust of our customers, each other and our local communities.

The benefit of the recent wage increases past two years have now been nullified by the drastic reduction in earned paid time off per hours worked. I have worked 7 years for Walmart.

Duh in Stamford, Connecticut. Jay in Lewiston, Maine said: Why doesn't she quit if it's so bad? YOU obviously do and are in the management training program!

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New York CNN Business Walmart is changing its paid time off policies for its employees, and will start paying bonuses to workers who limit their absences. Chat with us in Facebook Messenger. Find out what's happening in the world as it unfolds. More Videos How Walmart is taking on Amazon. Kohl's needs to reinvent itself.

Walmart Introduces Increased Rewards and Protected PTO for Associates Nationwide

When you visit a website, you are of course observable by the site itself, but you are also observable by third-party trackers that the site embeds in its code. You might be sur You can as long as one of you isn't over the other. You can't have a csm date a cashier, or a manager date anybody below that level. I have dated two coworkers. It's fun to work with someone you're dating up until things go south, and then you can't really escape each other. One of those that I dated ended up transferring to a different store before the end of our relationship, so it wasn't an issue. The other I'm still currently with but he quit to go back to school. I can't even imagine how terrible it would have been to break up with either of them while still working together though.

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