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If I could give this company a , I would do so; most women post fake profiles, there is nudity, solicitation and POF posts false profiles showing women obviously in there 20's but claiming they are in their fifties and sixties We live in an era where we have put women atop a pedestal, they often punch above there weight and a lot of women have even less to offer then a man does, but they genuinely think they are worth more. Personally i haven't had issues getting dates on POF, however, it doesn't change the fact that the women themselves are glorified as something greater than us men, and POF instantly erases a male profile if they are reported for anything, to keep the fewer females active and happy on the website. What has the world come to, equality for men too.

Plenty Of Fish ( review 2019

It's ALL mind games I've been using POF for around a year now but I'm really enjoying the process, especially since I added wejustfit. Don't get me wrong, the first few months were terrifying after not dating for 15 years. But now I'm something of an expert and my friends even call me Diana Dates now on account of how many dates I've set up! It's very sociable. So yes, I'm still single but at least I'm having fun! Oh my days wow just wow Its like all the messed up screwed up nasty women are all on one website.

They message you with hey there: That's always a winner isn't it? I am hoping to help others avoid what Plenty of Fish did to me. I subscribed for two months. They put me on auto renew so my subscription renewed against my wishes. So even though I agreed to only subscribe for two months they billed me again for two more months i.

When I requested a refund they said they will not refund me. Please reconsider doing business with Plenty of Fish. They are willing to deceive people over such a small amount of money. Can you trust them with your private information and dating life? They will charge you for the period of time that you chose to update your account and they will automatically charge you again after that, and if you refuse they will delete your account.

I paid for three months to see if I was going to have a better chance to find someone. Terrible error!! Upgrading my account just allowed me to see who read my messages and when.. Once the three months period was over, they automatically charged my credit card. I called my bank and asked for a refund because I never authorized the transaction, then next thing I knew I could not access my account on POF anymore. I called POF customer service to hear them to tell me that they deleted my account because I asked for a refund.

I told them that if was wrong to do that because I did not have any contract with them to keep upgrading my account. They did not care! They told me to create a new account. POF is after your money! If you do not pay, they will delete your account to punish you. Horrible experience! The women on here have huge stomachs or huge egos. Either way both are a turn off Of course they don't say they're fat they say prefer not to say or curvy they only show their faces not body shots There is very little kindness humility and happiness radiating from them but tons of attitude anger and demands I looked and saw extremely unremarkable women thinking they were extremely remarkable.

Most of them looked like they had been round the block a good few times as well. From the profiles they believe they're a much better catch than they really are Welcome to online dating where social unattractive damaged misfits call the shots.. No thanks. Three months later, my profile re-appears on POF! I tried to take it off, only for the system to reject it. After hours upon hours to track down POF, I got through.

Pay a fee and they will take it off. No problem, I sued! Would love to know how many messages these females get They talk about how there must be a spark but theyre totally missing the point If you are a in the looks department as all of them seem to be you cant really talk about demanding a spark can you?? If you are a then you can say this. But the females on here arent anywhere close. Thats the problem, i have no issue with average or plain looking females but dont come on POF and start talking how you must find a man you have a spark with and have a daft OTT checklist of what a partner must have - when you are average looking or carrying extra weight.

Its basically average looking females demanding ridiculously good looking men. Not gonna happen is it??? Am i the only one who can see why they are all bitter man haters? The word deluded springs to mind. The women all seem to have a chip on their shoulder. They all seem to be unpleasant That's the ones that are real and not fake Majority of them are not particularly good looking and don't have much personality It doesn't take much imagination to see why they are on Pof Silly thing is they think they are a top catch and act like a diva.

Looking at the profiles they plainer they are the more demands they make what they are looking for They should just be grateful that anyone sends them messages Definitely the leftovers no men want There is a reason they are on a dating site like this. It only took me 2 days to realize this website is an effing joke. Don't waste your time and god damn it don't you dare waste a dime on this dumb ass waste of time. People actually fall for these little scams hidden in these dating sites.

Clean this site up! This site can potentially be a great place to meet your match. I like the fact that you can chat with people without having to pay. But, I don't like that fact that there are sooooooooooo many fake accounts. They say that they're working on eliminating the fake accounts but everyday there are more and more. That's too bad. I am happy to be a NON paying member! This site is a joke and I can't log on and not get flooded with fake profiles.

You have to be a moron to be a paying member. Don't waste your time. Some blatantly asking for sex in their profile. POF doesn't review a thing when profiles are created because they are way to easy to spot. Usually a single picture and mumbling broken English comments in their profiles. All claim to be Caucasian even when obviously not.

When they message you it's alway "Hey there: Every time. Wasted site as it's been overtaken by bots and fakes. First there's not a real customer service number, there's no way to contact someone for assistance. Next in order to use the service you have to answer the very limited options even if they doubt apply, meaning a person would have to lie in order to use the service. My parents background, income and job title are none of their business! Then when I wasn't happy about these questions and not interested in their service I was not allowed to cancel and delete my account, advised I have to wait at least 24 hours, enough time for them to extract my information.

I am extremely uncomfortable with this. The men obviously outnumber the women so badly that fat, old, ugly women think they are a The women even get snotty in their profiles, demanding certain qualities and coming straight out with man hating statements that make you wonder why they are even on the site. A previous poster hit the nail on the head, most of the women complain that men only want sex but if you go on a date and are a gentleman they dismiss you as "too nice.

I guess I should have proposed meeting her in the toilet for a quickie between the appetizer and meal. Another woman told me she wanted a "real man" with a motorcycle and tattoos. It must not have occurred to her the corner bar is full of them. Many women seem to prefer "Harley rides at midnight" and their profiles suggest years of practice in bar games like pool and darts.

Some won't even fill out the profile fully, saying "ask me" and then when you ask you never hear back. A typical woman will maybe respond once and that's it. But you can see they are still on the site and still "fishing" making you think they want attention but have no intention of meeting in real life. The fake profiles and women that appear to be hookers round out a miserable experience to those seeking a date that does not involve a man hating woman that thinks they are a catch after being chewed up by ex husbands and putting on pounds from keg stands.

I would give POF 3 stars personally. I've had a date but only one so far. I had three by this point on wejustfit. Think about that for a second. POF is still good but is it still the leader? Times they are a' changin'! This site is nothing but a joke there is nothing real about it other than the money you just threw away. She should have been grateful to be called babe looking at the state of her. Frankly they should be grateful men are even sending them messages in the 1st place.

ALL of them seemed to have a chip on their shoulders I logged out never to return. Let's not beat about the bush.

Does this dating site really have Plenty Of Fish worth meeting? The site is kind of like the Walmart of the online dating world – sure, there's always the chance. POF (PlentyOfFish) Review. One of the only sites to offer a fully fleshed out free membership, POF is perhaps the easiest way to get into the online dating world.

So is Plenty of Fish any good, or are you better off trying your luck on OkCupid? This POF Review has everything you need to know about this popular free dating site, starting with…. Creating a POF profile and using all the basic features like search filters and messaging is completely free.

It's ALL mind games

We decided to look out our waders and see what their pond had to offer. POF see also plentyoffish.

POF - Plenty of Fish Review May 2019

All Rights Reserved. One of the only sites to offer a fully fleshed out free membership, POF is perhaps the easiest way to get into the online dating world. For those interested in signing up to a dating site, but unwilling to spend money, PlentyOfFish POF presents itself as a great option. Its service is totally free unless you want to pay for premium features hidden behind a paywall , which is pretty cool given the insights it provides members about their own personality traits and compatibility skills. That said, you have to be willing to put up with a seriously sub-par site design to enjoy spending any time on it. Reviews

A scam, no more no less. Since taking out a subscription I have had nothing from so called people wanting to meet me, prior to that it was an email or two every day. A scam. Fake profiles are non stop, absolutely sick of them then you delete the persons profile for reporting??? It's a shame I have to put one star when they don't even deserve that.. Complete Total BS.. Compromised accounts are left open to scam the rest.. Do your self a massive Favour. Numpties on a different level.. Honestly don't waste your time.

The users are active with 3. POF dating site boasts that over 1 million relationships are created every year.

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