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Now that the school year is in full swing, many parents are probably wondering how their children are adapting to their new educational environment. For those parents with children in college, it can often be hard to get an accurate assessment of campus life. Unfortunately, parents have reason to be concerned with the campus culture surrounding sex and relationships. Dating is an institution of the past. It has been replaced by a culture of hookups, or physical encounters without an expectation of a relationship.

Suzanne Venker Pens Op-Ed About New Film “The Dating Project”

We typically picture the movers and shakers in Silicon Valley as brilliant if geeky walking intellects, hunched over their computers, inventing new gadgets. Many titans of the tech world — entrepreneurs, executives, investors, founders of companies — regularly host drug-fueled, sex-laced parties. More like regress. For real reform, we have to dig deeper.

A hedonistic ethic pervades all our public institutions. Universities hold sex weeks where porn stars are speakers and sex toy companies display their wares. Be like porn stars. It should surprise no one that the hookup culture is metastasizing on campuses. The rules of the game are: Before reaching campus, students are primed by high school sex education courses that typically focus on the physical: These courses reduce the meaning of sex to a how-to manual.

Many students even say the programs make them feel pressured into having sex. In one study , teens reported that they felt more pressure from their sex education classes than from their girlfriends or boyfriends. Other segments of adult culture are complicit in sexualizing children at ever-younger ages. Emily Chang reports that the tech titans of Silicon Valley are self-congratulatory about their sexual experimentation, priding themselves on being bold and unconventional.

But in reality they are following a script that was given to them. They are falling for a sales pitch. The sexual liberation ethic stems from an underlying idea that the world is a product of blind, material forces. And if the human body is said to have no meaning or purpose, neither does sex. On one hand, that means we are free to make up our own rules.

On the other hand, it means that under all the hype about being bold and experimental is a fundamental despair — the belief that sex is insignificant in a literal sense: This outlook is deeply dehumanizing. Sexual exploitation is unlikely to stop with drug-and-sex parties in Silicon Valley — unless we are ready to rethink fundamental convictions. What kind of cosmos do we live in? Are we products of blind material forces? Or does the natural world reflect some kind of purpose — and behind it, a Person who loves us and has a purpose for our lives?

Strong confident woman. Nancy R. Pearcey is author of the just-released " Love Thy Body: Answering Hard Questions about Life and Sexuality. Her earlier books include Total Truth and Finding Truth.

Apr 2, The shock of reading Laura Sessions Stepp's book, “Unhooked: How Young Women Pursue Sex, Delay Love and Lose at Both,” hadn't. Documentary follows five singles and looks into so-called 'hookup culture' in America; 'The.

KTVU - In some ways, dating has never been easier. In the words of one U. Berkeley student, "Hookup culture is real! With dating apps like tinder and Grindr, Mr.

And forget going on "dates. Send me email updates from Fox News.

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Man using Dating Application on smart phone. New business for Dating applications PJPhoto People may think of millennials as being one right swipe away from a quick hookup, but a new study suggests many somethings are actually having less sex than their parents did back in the day. In reality, millennials born in the s are more than twice as likely to be sexually inactive as young GenX'ers born in the late s, Twenge and colleagues report in the Archives of Sexual Behavior. Fifteen percent of young adults aged 20 to 24 reported having no sex since turning 18, compared with just 6 percent of the previous generation at that age, the study found.

Dating 101: Film takes aim at America’s hookup culture and the death of courtship

Most of the 55 percent of teens who have had sex by 18 used some type of protection. Both are a wake-up call for Americans, many of whom are in the dark about how dramatically dating has changed. The social environment young people inhabit feels akin to a brothel. What they seem to know how to do best is have sex, or some version thereof. The anchor of the film is Kerry Cronin, Ph. What it definitely does not mean is having any kind of real relationship, or genuine human connection, with a member of the opposite sex. Thus, Cronin began assigning her students to go on traditional dates. The film is short, engaging and very well done—you will love the music, the cinematography and the dialogue. But to be honest, it struck me as immensely sad. With that process gone, young people are lost.

What do the Industrial Revolution, the Roaring Twenties, the advent of the college fraternity, and the gay liberation movement have in common?

This material may not be published, broadcast, rewritten, or redistributed. Greg Gutfeld and Mark Steyn discussed Saturday whether traditionaldating is really necessary in the real world today. Changs book fuels the post-Harvey Weinstein wave of outrage.

The Sociology Of Casual Sexual Encounters With Lisa Wade

What should follow boy meets girl? The documentary, which follows five singles from different parts of the U. Kerry Cronin, who realized that her students were opting out of the dating scene when confronted with campus hookup culture. Instead of maneuvering around it, some students looked to clubs and school activities to have an excuse for not dating, said Cronin. So, Cronin decided to talk about it. She told her seminar class to go on a date — a real date — or fail the class. The feedback she received from her students was eye-opening. A female student wrote about her date: While I expected it before this little experiment, listening to him and looking him in the eye for an hour was far more intimate than any hookup could be. The honesty of it all is so liberating. You are fascinating. Another female student expressed regret for how her involvement in hookup culture had led her to use her peers.

Silicon Valley's drug-fueled, secret sex parties -- One more reason to hate the hookup culture

Has there ever been a more useless phrase than "hookup culture"? Except it isn't. It's time to bury the phrase "hookup culture" once and for all. Here's a tour of the biggest myths about somethings and how we date, starting with the most pervasive myth of all. Young people just want to have casual sex, the narrative goes.

13 Dating Myths About 20-Somethings the Media Needs to Stop Telling

And yet the process of becoming physically mature adults with sexual interests has not slowed down. One sound option is casual sex. Looking to meet your spouse in college is about as outdated as quitting high school to get a job at the local factory, and for roughly the same reasons. Yglesias and I had a brief exchange on Twitter where he pointed out, correctly, that some of these correlations may partially reflect selection bias: Desires vary, aspirations vary, sex drives vary, relationships vary, and different people can take different paths to happiness, misery and the destinations in between. And this argument often comes with the useful corollary that any emotional cost to hooking up or promiscuity is just the result of patriarchy-imposed false consciousness, which makes for a neatly comprehensive ideological worldview. On the evidence we have, people pursuing neo-traditional paths to romance have a solid chance of finding, well, neo-traditional forms of happiness, and people taking a more career-minded path are more likely to see their careers benefit … but at the expense, potentially, of other areas of life.

The "Hook-Up Culture": Dates Are Dead, Sex Is Alive?

We typically picture the movers and shakers in Silicon Valley as brilliant if geeky walking intellects, hunched over their computers, inventing new gadgets. Many titans of the tech world — entrepreneurs, executives, investors, founders of companies — regularly host drug-fueled, sex-laced parties. More like regress. For real reform, we have to dig deeper. A hedonistic ethic pervades all our public institutions.

Hook-up Culture

Hookup culture: Also known as the thing that has basically replaced real dating over the past 20 years or so, and the thing that your parents and grandparents bitch about because "nobody has a real conversation anymore. We all know that's not true, however, and online dating has made a massive impact on more people meeting and talking than every before. And when we think dating sites, we usually think about sites like eharmony and Zoosk and other marriage-minded options. But not every single person is trying to participate in the next cuffing season. Everyone gets stuck in a sexual rut at some point, and let's face it:

Greg Gutfeld and Mark Steyn discussed Saturday whether traditional dating is really necessary in the real world today. Talk about speed dating! Several unsuspecting men were taken on the ride of their lives when a beautiful female stunt driver pranked them on a blind date. In its State of Dating report, the dating site Zoosk analyzed behaviors of singles by state. That led to a bunch of interesting factoids about how singles behaved based on what state they live in.

Are millennials really hooking up less than any generation before them?
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