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After the controversies that surrounded her previous studio album, My December , which was seen as darker than her other two albums, Clarkson went on to record a more pop-oriented album. In order to do so, she enlisted her previous collaborators Max Martin , Dr. Originally entitled Masquerade , its title was changed due to the similarities to other albums released at the same time, such as Pink 's Funhouse and Britney Spears ' Circus All I Ever Wanted was considered lighter and less angry than her previous effort, though it also features pop rock and pop punk -inspired songs, as well as dance and soul.

I do not hook up wikipedia

Het is uitgebracht als de tweede single van haar vierde studioalbum All I Ever Wanted. Als tweede single werd I Do Not Hook Up gekozen — deze had minder succes dan de voorgaande, maar behaalde niettemin in de meeste landen de top-twintig. La canzone, scritta da Katy Perry Freitas counters that living in the hookup culture is not at all liberating if Vote on your favorite version!!!

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"I Do Not Hook Up" é uma canção da cantora norte-americana Kelly Clarkson, gravada para o seu quarto álbum de estúdio All I Ever Wanted. Foi composta por . "I Do Not Hook Up" drugi singel z czwartego studyjnego albumu Kelly Clarkson pt . "All I Ever Wanted" (). Piosenka skomponowana przez Grega Wellsa do.

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Perry had originally written the song for her own album, but following her removal from the Def Jam label, she gave the song and "Long Shot" to Clarkson for her fourth album.

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I Do Not Hook Up (song)

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I Do Not Hook Up

American singer Kelly Clarkson has released eight studio albums , four extended plays , one compilation album , one remix album , and 42 singles including four as a featured artist. Its lead single, " Miss Independent ", charted in nine countries, reaching number nine on the Billboard Hot In , Clarkson released her second album, Breakaway , which incorporated aspects of pop rock. Breakaway debuted at number three on the Billboard and subsequently became her most successful studio album to date, being certified sextuple-platinum in the United States and twelve million worldwide. Its final single, " Walk Away ", became a top-twenty hit in many countries. Clarkson's third studio album, My December , which has a more rock-influenced sound than its predecessor, was released in June The album's release became a subject of a dispute with the music mogul and the then-Chairman and CEO of the RCA Music Group Clive Davis , who wanted Clarkson to make significant changes and record new material for the album. Its lead single, " Never Again ", became a top-ten hit in four countries, including the United States. In March , Clarkson released her fourth studio album, All I Ever Wanted , which contained elements of a more pop-oriented sound. The album debuted at the top of the Billboard and became a commercial success.

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Het is uitgebracht als de tweede single van haar vierde studioalbum All I Ever Wanted. Zij heeft het nummer echter niet gebruikt, vanwege het feit dat het album waar de nummers op zouden staan, nooit uitgebracht is. Inmiddels staat het nummer hier op de 61ste plaats.

Don't Call Me Up

It was released by Polydor Records on 18 January The song stemmed from the refrain 's "Don't Call Me Up" hook which was brought up during a discussion they had about ignoring a phone call from a former lover and how good that felt. Finding the hook simple and relatable, they decided to use it in the verses as well. It was the first song Mabel recorded where her lead vocals from the final and demo versions sounded nearly identical. A reggaeton groove is introduced in the chorus with an extended reverberation percussive hit, and a single D chord is played for two full measures at the end. In the second verse, a high snare drum plays a frequent two and four backbeat before reintroducing the kick drum which dominates the second pre-chorus. Cabasa , handclaps and shakers are added in this section, ahead of the second chorus that includes a snare drum triplet fill in the final measure. The breakdown has the same music as the chorus, but uses a heavily pitch shifted vocal doubled with an octave halfway through. In the final pre-chorus, a high-pass filter cuts bass frequencies while the final chorus keyboard riff is doubled and a shaker is added. According to Mabel, the track is about being strong and saying, "no, you had your chance", after a breakup with someone who took you for granted and started to call you again.

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Het is uitgebracht als de tweede single van haar vierde studioalbum All I Ever Wanted. Als tweede single werd I Do Not Hook Up gekozen — deze had minder succes dan de voorgaande, maar behaalde niettemin in de meeste landen de top-twintig. La canzone, scritta da Katy Perry Freitas counters that living in the hookup culture is not at all liberating if Vote on your favorite version!!!

The Hook Up Plan

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