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Duke Energy established the Power Partner award in to honor businesses and other organizations that achieve exemplary results in categories that include solutions innovation, community excellence, economic development, sustainability innovation and storm restoration. Each of the Power Partners will be recognized at individual award ceremonies later this year. They decided to work with Duke Energy to provide on-site backup power solutions at the company's Greenville eye care solutions plant, Woodruff distribution center and the Tampa pharmaceutical eye care solutions plant. Both companies had aging transformers and Enbridge was able to transition from In addition, Enbridge repurposed a Duke Energy transformer destined for retirement. Also, Duke Energy could forego replacing a transformer and was also able to remove five miles of overhead power lines that were no longer needed.

Duke and Progress Energy Become Largest U.S. Utility

Responding to critics, Duke Energy Corp. But it also proposes delaying the program for about two years to enable its utilities to provide on-bill solar charges and credits to customers. DUK had proposed starting the program next year. Duke spokesman Randy Wheeless says the changes proposed to the program — which now would start no earlier than in North Carolina — are an attempt to respond to concerns that clean-energy supporters, sustainability experts and consumer advocates voiced in filings with the N.

Utilities Commission this spring. The company laid out its new proposals in a filing with the commission this week. But it will not be a program that will save customers money — at least not in the short term. In all its incarnations to date, the community solar program will charge customers a premium for access to clean, renewable energy. Wheeless notes that if the credits paid to participating customers rise in future years, it is possible that they will eventually see some savings.

But the program is designed to offer access to no-carbon solar power at a premium price. The N. The program is part of the package which includes the mandate for a competitive bidding process to be established in the state for construction of about 2, megawatts worth of new utility-scale solar projects by the end of Community solar generally involves construction of a modestly sized solar project by allowing local residents and businesses to subscribe to shares of the power produced by the project.

But Duke said its utilities could not arrange for on-bill credits and charges for the program because its current billing system is inadequate to produce that kind of detailed information. Instead it planned to give customers an annual accounting of solar credits they earned separate from their monthly bills. The Public Staff of the N. Utilities Commission, the Sierra Club, the N. Sustainable Energy Association and others criticized those proposals in a first round of comments in April.

They said that the high up-front cost, the lack of any ability to pay for the subscription in monthly installments and the cumbersome accounting for credits would likely discourage customers from participating and risk an unsuccessful program. They also worried that the small initial projects would severely limit participation while also driving up costs. Generally, building projects at the 5-megawatt scale is much more cost effective than building them at 1 megawatt.

Attempting to account for these issues, Duke now proposes delaying the community solar program until it installs a new and more flexible system called Customer Connect, which is already in its plans. Duke Progress will install the program in Duke Energy Carolinas will install it in The new program will allow Duke to put a monthly subscription charge on the service. That will reduce, but not eliminate, the up-front fee.

The credits will not offset the fees. But it will be clearer what premium customers are paying for solar. Duke also plans to increase the capacity that a customer buys with each block of solar power purchased. To support the larger solar projects, Duke proposes expanding the area in which customers would have to live to participate. The law proposed requiring community solar customers would live in the county where the participating project was built and the eight counties immediately surrounding it.

Duke proposes instead a distance measure of living within 75 miles of the county in which the project is built. Wheeless says Duke estimates that could expand the community solar market to 20 or more counties around the project. He said the initial projects would likely have to be near major population centers — Charlotte, the Research Triangle and the Triad of Greensboro, Winston-Salem and High Point — to ensure sufficient population to support the project.

The commission must approve the final version of the program before it can be implemented. Please Sign In and use this article's on page print button to print this article. Email Share Share Tweet. Jun 7, , 7: Related Content. Renewables now the big growth story for Carolinas energy industry. Wrangling continues over N. Duke Energy utility makes national Top 10 solar list for sixth year. Attorney General says Duke program skirts renewables law requirements. Rooftop solar plans skyrocket as regulators approve Duke rebates.

Setting up or changing your Duke Energy service is quick and easy with our online tools and instructions. Starting utility service for college students is easy with Duke Energy. Find out exactly what information you need to have to start the process.

Duke Energy's net metering program allows customers who generate electricity from their own solar panel system to offset their energy costs. Net metering participants receive bill credit from Duke Energy for the excess energy generated by their solar panel system. Net metering is offered to all customers throughout the territory. Duke Energy has three tiers of generating facilities for net metering contracts:. Most residential customers fall under the Tier 1 Generating Facilities category.

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Duke Energy is asking to hike electricity rates for Charlotte-area residents by The request, submitted Friday to North Carolina regulators, affects rates in a territory that includes western portions of the state. If approved, it would be the first rise in the area since an increase granted to the utility in

Duke Energy attorney compares rate hike to price of Big Mac, fries and Coke

This website uses cookies to ensure you get the best experience while browsing it. By clicking 'Got It' you're accepting these terms. Around the nation, big utility companies are successfully lobbying lawmakers and regulators to restrict individual and corporate access to solar power , denying people significant savings on electricity bills and the opportunity to take part in the growing green energy economy. Duke Energy, the largest utility in the U. At least four states— Florida , Kentucky, Oklahoma and North Carolina—currently ban third-party sales of solar energy.

Duke Energy expands N.C. community solar program

North Carolina law designates service areas, and those areas are displayed as accurately as possible on this map. However, due to issues of scale, it is impossible to demonstrate with percent accuracy the sizes of and interplay between them. This article has been updated since it was first published in You can also reference the most current article from our May issue. More than separately organized electric power providers serve nearly 10 million people in North Carolina. Each covers a designated service area, and depending upon where you live, your electric service could come from a consumer-owned electric cooperative, an investor-owned utility, your city government, a university-owned utility or some other utility operating in the state. In the early days of electrification, power was only available in larger communities where power companies could count on sufficient economic return. In , the North Carolina Utilities Commission an agency of state government formed in brought together investor-owned utilities and cooperatives in order to define and assign service areas. This division of service areas still stands today, although with some modifications. In , state legislation clarified the procedures by which cooperatives and municipal electric systems negotiate their respective service areas in relation to one another.

Duke Energy Corporation headquartered in Charlotte, North Carolina , is an electric power holding company in the United States , with assets in Canada. Based in Charlotte, North Carolina, Duke Energy owns 58, megawatts of base-load and peak generation in the United States, which it distributes to its 7.

Raleigh, N. Somers was pushing back against claims that the company's rate hikes, meant to raise billions of dollars in new revenue over the next 10 years, would be a hardship for some.

Duke Energy selects six companies to receive Power Partner award

Getting Hooked Up: Starting Residential Utilities. The Duke Energy hour, seven-day-a-week customer services number is Other numbers are for power outages and repairs and for underground cable location. Visit www. New Tipmont customers should apply over the phone for service. Customers must complete a credit application and sign a membership card. The service deposit consists of two months' worth of billing for that location. Office hours are 8 a. Monday through Friday. For more information, call of

Electric Service Installation Specifications

Responding to critics, Duke Energy Corp. But it also proposes delaying the program for about two years to enable its utilities to provide on-bill solar charges and credits to customers. DUK had proposed starting the program next year. Duke spokesman Randy Wheeless says the changes proposed to the program — which now would start no earlier than in North Carolina — are an attempt to respond to concerns that clean-energy supporters, sustainability experts and consumer advocates voiced in filings with the N. Utilities Commission this spring.

Duke Energy customers frustrated by interconnection delays, improper billing

The move creates the largest electric utility in the United States, with 7. In a last-minute switch that the company declined to explain, William D. In an interview, Mr. Rogers said that the two companies had immediately integrated their generating systems, one of three steps designed to save 5 to 7 percent of nonfuel operating expenses. Duke has a pumped storage system that can be used to store energy for peak periods, but often did not make full use of it, he said. The company, still called Duke Energy and still with headquarters in Charlotte, N.

Want a quote from this business? Duke energy keeps delaying the process of processing my payments in a timely manner constantly putting me in danger of getting my electricity cut off to my home. The payment envelope clearly states mail your payment giving it 5 business days to process. I mail my payments ahead of time but by the company not processing it in a timely manner I'm constantly threatened to have my lights shut off!! Then when you call customer service the automated voice tells you, you can request extra days to pay your bill. I called to request that to give my payment time to process to them and the customer representative tells me that they don't offer extra time or extension to pay bills.

Her charges from Duke Energy had more than doubled, she said. Duke has installed more than , smart meters in the Upstate over the past few years, according to the company. Their use means a utility worker no longer has to read the meter every month. The meter itself communicates directly with the utility. A California-based group that wants to end the use of smart meters, stopsmartmeters. Cheaper power bills? Rooftop solar scores big win over utilities in South Carolina House.

View Full Version: Duke Energy Credit Check and Deposit: Duke Energy is a natural gas and electric company based in North Carolina. Like most utility providers, Duke Energy will run a credit check for all new residential customers. Depending on your credit, a security deposit may be required. Here is what you need to know. Will You Need to Pay a Deposit?

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