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Is It Love? Why Some Ocean Animals (Sort Of) Mate For Life

It was a superstition. What is a home without a child? In , at the age of seventy-two, lonely and widowed, Samuel Clemens began "collecting" surrogate granddaughters -- young girls between the ages of ten and sixteen. Some of the girls were those he met aboard ships that carried him back and forth to England or on his travels to the island of Bermuda. Clemens maintained correspondences with the girls -- most were from prominent and wealthy families who traveled in the same social circles with Clemens.

They and their parents often visited him in his homes in New York. In Clemens had purchased acres in Redding, Connecticut and with proceeds obtained from publishing portions of his autobiography in the North American Review between September through December , he began construction of a large two-story country home.

He originally intended to call the home "Autobiography House. In Clemens had begun calling his surrogate granddaughters "angel-fish" after the brilliant species of fish he saw on a visit to Bermuda. He nicknamed his group of girls the "Aquarium Club" and presented members with angel-fish pins. At least one such pin survives and is currently owned by the Mark Twain Library in Redding, Connecticut. In autobiographical dictation of 12 February Clemens explained his attachment to his collection of girls:.

I suppose we are all collectors As for me, I collect pets: After my wife's death, June 5, , I experienced a long period of unrest and loneliness. Clara and Jean were busy with their studies and their labors and I was washing about on a forlorn sea of banquets and speechmaking in high and holy causes I had reached the grandpapa stage of life; and what I lacked and what I needed was grandchildren. Cooley, p. Isabel Lyon, Clemens's secretary, often helped chaperone the young women and facilitated their visits.

After accompanying Clemens to Bermuda in April she recorded in her journal:. He has his aquarium of little girls and they are all angelfish, while he wears a flying fish scarf pin, though he says he is a shad. Off he goes with a flash when he sees a new pair of slim little legs appear and if the little girl wears butterfly bows of ribbon on the back of her head then his delirium is complete.

Hoffmann, p. In his autobiographical dictation for 17 April , Clemens listed the names of his angel-fish: All the ten school-girls in the above list are my angel-fishes, and constitute my Club, whose name is "The Aquarium" The Bermudian angel-fish, with its splendid blue decorations, is easily the most beautiful fish that swims The club's badge is the angel-fish's splendors reproduced in enamels and mounted for service as a lapel pin -- at least that is where the girls wear it.

I get these little pins in Bermuda; they are made in Norway Cooley, p. Regarding his plans for the new home he was building in Redding, Connecticut, Clemens dictated:. The billiard-room will have the legend "The Aquarium" over its door I have good photographs of all my fishes, and these will be framed and hung around the walls. There is an angel-fish bedroom -- double-bedded -- and I will expect to have a fish and her mother in it as often as Providence will permit Cooley, p.

By the time Clemens moved into the Redding, Connecticut home on June 18, , he had decided to call the house "Innocence at Home" in honor of his young female acquaintances who he wished to host in an unending series of visits. By the summer of , Clemens had drafted a sort of official constitution, rules and regulations for his "Aquarium. Also added to the list was the name Margaret Illington, a young woman in her late twenties and wife of Dan Frohman who was thirty years older than Illington.

Dan Frohman was listed as "Legal Staff" for the group. In September , Clemens's daughter Clara returned from a European singing tour. Clara was evidently not impressed with her father's "club" for young girls. Shortly after her return home, the name of the Redding home was changed to "Stormfield. It was later renamed "Stormfield. It should be noted Mark Twain's "Aquarium Club" was not his first organization of female correspondents.

Prior to he had formed "The Juggernaut Club" which consisted of female members -- some of whom he never met. Their task was to write him letters on subjects likely to be of mutual interest to which he would respond. Identities of members of "The Juggernaut Club" have not been fully established other than Helene Picard, who has often been misidentified by biographers as an "angel-fish. In addition to Clemens's own list of angel-fish, biographers have identified other young women with whom Clemens spent time and corresponded.

Gertrude Natkin exhibited a school-girl crush on Clemens until he distanced himself from her. Nineteen-year-old Mary "Paddy" Madden, too old to be considered for angel-fish membership, accompanied Clemens on a five-day trip to Bermuda. Margery Clinton, in her twenties, was referred to as "the plumber" of Stormfield. In Clemens composed a valentine for a young woman named Ethel Sloan who he met in Bermuda. Clemens also maintained correspondence with other young women and entertained them in his home -- among them was actress Billie Burke who he once jokingly considered for membership in his Aquarium Club.

Other young actresses who sparked his interest were Ethel Barrymore and Maude Adams. Writer Charlotte Teller, a neighbor in New York, was also romantically linked to Clemens to such an extent that his jealous secretary Isabel Lyon engineered a rift in Teller's friendship with Clemens. These women are also included in this feature which attempts to provide a thumbnail biography of each.

The following biographies of angel-fish, actresses and other young women in whom Clemens exhibited interest are presented alphabetically. Actress Maude Adams in her role as Peter Pan from a theatre program. American stage actress Maude Adams was thirty-three years old when she accepted the title role in James M. Barrie's play "Peter Pan. Illington was the only actress Clemens would later appointed to his Aquarium Club. On November 15, Clemens attended a performance of "Peter Pan" and mentioned it in an interview the following day with journalist Marlen Pew.

Clemens called it "a play which is without a defect It is consistently beautiful, sweet, clean, fascinating, satisfying, charming, and impossible from beginning to end. It breaks all the rules of real life drama, but preserves intact all the rules of fairyland, and the result is altogether contenting to the spirit. The longing of my heart is a fairy portrait of myself: I want to be pretty; I want to eliminate facts and fill up the gaps with charms" Scharnhorst, p.

Where or when Clemens may have first met Maude Adams has not been established. But his personal notebooks indicate he had lunch with her in early February In Clemens had also established a friendship with writer Charlotte Teller. In September when Clemens wrote an advertising endorsement for Teller's book The Cage, he wrote it in the form of a personal letter to Maude Adams. Clemens also wrote an endorsement for Adams in her role as Peter Pan which was published in the Boston Globe prior to the show's opening in that city in October Clemens's attraction to the joys of children and youth as presented by Maude Adams in the role of Peter Pan is symbolic of his later and continuing involvement with the girls who became his angel-fish.

No letters from Maude Adams to Clemens are known to exist. Samuel Clemens and Helen Allen in Bermuda, In his autobiographical dictation of April 17, , Clemens described angel-fish Helen Allen, "perfect in character, lovely in disposition, and a captivator at sight! He later expanded upon these initial impressions in his personal writings as he came to know her better.

Clemens met Helen Allen in Bermuda in Clemens had met Charles M. Allen during his Quaker City excursion tour to the Holy Land. The Allen family offered Clemens their home as a place to stay during his trips to Bermuda and were his hosts during his final visit shortly before his death. Helen Allen's name is listed as a guest in his Stormfield guestbook for October 16 - 17, Colley.

The Samuel Clemens Angelfish Correspondence , RPA 4. On April 17, Clemens spoke of angel-fish Loraine Allen: The family was wealthy with homes both in New York and New Jersey. It is likely that Clemens first met Loraine in Bermuda. The couple divorced in and Loraine later married Godfrey Stephen Beresford. No correspondence between Loraine Allen and Clemens has been recovered. Georgiana Drew was the sister to actor John Drew, Jr. Clemens had been acquainted with John Drew, Jr.

Actresses Maude Adams top and Ethel Barrymore bottom. In her autobiography Memories , Barrymore recalled first meeting Clemens at Dublin, New Hampshire when she had traveled there to visit artist Joseph Smith. A newspaper gossip columnist reported on Clemens and Barrymore:. New York, May Anne Hathaway's cottage at Stratford-on-Avon. The characters: Shakespeare and Anne? Mark Twain and Ethel Barrymore. They are discovered in a conversation that looks all-absorbing.

They don't show that they know they are observed. Has nobody told them that the front wall of the room has been cut out, and that the street is crowded by people looking in?

Courtship or Coercion? Angelfish Outlines Dating Rules. After #MeToo and # TimesUp, the concept of consent and courtship in the dating sphere needs a closer. Angelfish Connections in Brisbane, QLD, Business contact details for Angelfish Connections including phone number, reviews & map location.

Whether you were victimized or the abuser, the line was always very fine between a show of interest and abuse in the dating world, where an egotistic display of power and dominance can easily cross that thin blurry line. A taut exchange that examines acceptable behavior in dating and mating rituals. This film was actually made as the final project of a post-grad directing program at the Australian Film Television and Radio school in

The role of a bartender is about a lot more than mixing cocktails and tallying a bar tab.

Download Opening Times. We are a unique 'chippy' offering great fish and chips as well as other delicious treats including fish finger sarnie with our very own Angelfish sauce, freshly made tartar sauce and our ever popular wholetail Whitby scampi.


We often hear stories of animal love— tales of rare monogamy in the animal kingdom where life-long love is implied. But there is a distinction between romantic love and an efficient mating system. Albatross relationships seem especially relatable to humans. These long-lived and highly-endangered birds will court each other through ritual dances for years. Albatrosses are slow to reach sexual maturity, and some species even delay breeding for several years to learn specific mating rituals and to pick the perfect partner. The courtship behavior slows down once the pair bonds an all too familiar aspect of human relationships.

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It was a superstition. What is a home without a child? In , at the age of seventy-two, lonely and widowed, Samuel Clemens began "collecting" surrogate granddaughters -- young girls between the ages of ten and sixteen. Some of the girls were those he met aboard ships that carried him back and forth to England or on his travels to the island of Bermuda.

Courtship or Coercion? Angelfish Outlines Dating Rules

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QLD, Brisbane, QLD, Being in a good relationship can be a wonderful thing but being in a healthy relationship with ourselves is paramount to any relationship long-term success. At Angelfish we believe in enabling our clients to access the self-belief, inner-confidence, and charisma and without sounding too cheesy a kind of inner glow that comes from knowing and liking who you are! We offer the opportunity to not only find a wonderful partner or intimate friend but tools and life-skills that have a potentially huge and lasting impact on every other aspect of your life. At the basis of our philosophy is the idea of living real.

After MeToo and TimesUp, the concept of consent and courtship in the dating sphere needs a closer look. Patrick and Claire go on a date. Patrick invites Claire to his house to see his angelfish. Claire agrees to go. Pretty normal, isn't it? But Dane McCusker in 6 minutes tries to shatter the normalcy of what unfolds next. The growing conversations about consent and courtship lift the veil of what earlier seemed like 'normal dating culture'.

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