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Great news, right? So when can we watch it? First, some context. The trailer that came out earlier this year was also deeply unsettling, with the former heartthrob channeling the remorseless sociopath with absolutely meticulous precision. Netflix gave us the release date!

When Is Netflix's Ted Bundy Movie Coming Out? It's a Controversial Film

The eighth and final season of Game of Thrones premiered on April 14, At last, fans are finally going to find out the ultimate fate of Jon Snow , Daenerys Targaryen and the rest of the Westerosi. Game of Thrones will air every Sunday night until the series finale on May Until then, fans are theorizing how the show will end — and who will win the Iron Throne.

It airs on 9 p. But Melisandre still had one more trick up her sleeve. After Beric Dondarrion sacrificed himself to save Arya, Melisandre gave her the push she needed to realize she was the one who was fated to kill the Night King. Arya then sprinted to the godswood, where the Night King was preparing to kill Bran after cutting down Theon, and stabbed the leader of the White Walkers with her Valyrian steel dagger.

Once the Night King was vanquished, all of the dead — including zombie Viserion — fell too, ending the Great War. Jaime Lannister was met with skepticism when he arrived at Winterfell and announced he had defected from his sister Cersei. Daenerys sparred with two Stark siblings: Sansa over the issue of Northern independence and Jon after he revealed his true identity, which gave him a claim to the Iron Throne.

Theon returned and pledged to defend Bran Stark , who is expecting a visit from the Night King during the Battle of Winterfell. Arya received a weapon from Gendry; the pair consummated their long-held crushes for each other. As many characters exchanged their farewells before the war, from Grey Worm to Missandei to the Hound to Jorah to Brienne to Sam, it was hard not to think that many of them might be saying goodbye for good. The Game of Thrones season 8 premiere opened with Jon, Daenerys and their combined entourage arriving at Winterfell to begin preparing for the war against the dead, a development that led to several long-awaited reunions between fan favorite characters.

Meanwhile, the Night King and his army were busy sending a message by leaving the dead body of young Ned Umber impaled to a wall and surrounded by a spiral of severed limbs for Tormund, Beric and Dolorous Edd to discover at Last Hearth. And last but not least, Jon finally learned that he is the trueborn son of Rhaegar Tarygaryen and Lyanna Stark , not the bastard of Ned Stark as he was raised to believe. Unfortunately, since that means Jon is not only related to Daenerys, but also the rightful heir to the Iron Throne, this discovery seems likely to throw a wrench their budding romance.

All eyes were on an injured Arya Stark running away and in another key shot, an uninjured Arya with a a dragonglass dagger in hand. Another revelation? Tormund and Beric live! And most interesting of all, Daenerys and Jon visit Drogon and Rhaegal, fueling speculation that it might be time for Jon to ride the dragon named after his father. And in the premiere, it happened.

While both promos largely featured scenes that we already saw in the season 8 trailer — except for a shot of what looks to be the moments before Jon and Arya finally reunite — the teaser does not contain any show footage, according to HBO. The plot of the final season is still very much under wraps. HBO split the final 13 episodes of Game of Thrones into two shorter seasons.

Season 8 will consist of six episodes and will have the longest average episode length of any Game of Thrones season. The run times for all six episodes have been confirmed by HBO, with the first four episodes set to run for 54, 58, 82 minutes and 78 minutes, respectively, while episode 5 and the finale will run for 80 minutes each. A November cover of Entertainment Weekly also featured the first official photo from Game of Thrones season 8.

The instantly iconic shot shows Kit Harington and Emilia Clarke cozied up to each other against a wintry Westeros backdrop. On Feb. Weiss, David Nutter and Miguel Sapochnik are the directors of the new season. Weiss, Bryan Cogman and Dave Hill. Season 8 will be the final season of Game of Thrones. First Class, Kingsman: Martin wrote in a June blog post. Write to Eliana Dockterman at eliana.

Here's Everything You Need to Know. Chow Updated: April 29, 4: August 26, What time does Game of Thrones air? What happened in Game of Thrones season 8 episode 3? Brienne of Tarth gets knighted by Jamie Lannister at last. Game of Thrones season 8 poster shows a dragon eyeing the iron throne. Peter Dinklage as Tyrion Lannister. You May Like. Read More.

Three best friends find themselves where we've all been - at that confusing moment in every dating Mike O'Donnell is ungrateful for how his life turned out. We'll see if we can answer some of those burning questions for you. casting process, we'll probably have to wait a bit for an official drop date.

Skip navigation! After dealing with a major breach of user privacy in the first few months of , Facebook made an unexpected announcement in May: While relationships have been an intrinsic part of Facebook since the early days — before there was Insta-official , there was Facebook official — the timing of the announcement seemed unusual. Why launch a dating feature now , while trying to get a handle on election interference, fake news, and regaining user trust? And, furthermore, does anyone want to date on Facebook when there are plenty of other, trusted or, at least, known apps that have long been devoted to the cause?

The film had its Los Angeles premiere on January 27, , and it was widely released on January 31 in the United States. A voiceover explains that he has been waiting for a long time, but to explain why, he needs to go back to the beginning.

You season two got the green light from American network Lifetime last year. The recommission was announced in July at the summer TCAs. Production is now taking place on season two with the cast and crew busy at work.

Disney+ streaming service: price, release date, shows, movies and more

Remember Peach?? Remember the weird Dickens-themed Renaissance faire?? Remember the murder fish tank in the basement???? YOU was pretty popular on its home network, Lifetime, but became a viral sensation when it hit Netflix in December , so it's only logical that the streaming service would announce that there will be more of our favorite guilty pleasure. So, when is it coming? Who's going to be in it?

Downton Abbey movie: Cast, release date, plot, trailer and everything you need to know

The relationship between Dan and Serena , also known as Derena, is the friendship and romantic relationship between Dan Humphrey and Serena van der Woodsen. Dan and Serena met at a party thrown by Blair Waldorf that Dan was accidentally invited to. They had a brief conversation that led to Dan having a huge crush on Serena. In Pilot , they accidentally run into each other at the The Palace Hotel and upon returning her cell phone; Serena asks Dan on a date. They begin dating for the remainder of the first season before breaking up in Much 'I Do' About Nothing. They date briefly twice in the second season and then remain mostly off until season six. In the Gossip Girl series of books , Dan and Serena date very briefly but break up due to having nothing in common. Soon after, Serena's old friend Georgina Sparks comes back to the city to stir up trouble. They later resolve their issues, but Serena tells Georgina she no longer wants to be in contact with her.

With the release of Hearthstone's Rise of Shadows nearly upon us, I'm rounding up a bunch of information you might want to know ahead of the launch!

The eighth and final season of Game of Thrones premiered on April 14, At last, fans are finally going to find out the ultimate fate of Jon Snow , Daenerys Targaryen and the rest of the Westerosi.

You season 2 Netflix release date, cast, trailer, plot: When is the new series released?

T he Dragon Prince landed on Netflix earlier this year, and became an instant hit, generating loads of fan art and a passionate community eager to dive into this new fantasy world from some of the minds behind Avatar: The Last Airbender. During a panel at New York Comic Con, the creators of Dragon Prince revealed that the show had been picked up by Netflix for a second season. The news was shared on Twitter with a special image that revealed a launch for Season 2 — and also featured at least one glaring plot hole. Return to a world of magic, friendship, and dragons in Are you ready for Dragon Prince Season 2? As you can see in the image above, which sets up a magical confrontation between Callum and Claudia, the prince is clearly holding the magic orb from Season 1. Either Callum found a new orb, or far more likely this image is meaningless. Short answer: Ehasz and Richmond actually released The Dragon Prince through their newly-launched studio, Wonderstorm, and the plan is to build a massive fantasy world that includes both the current TV series, video games, and plenty more.

When Is Netflix's Ted Bundy Movie Coming Out? It's a Controversial Film

The list is updated regularly, and though we do try to include as many games as possible, some inevitably slip. These are the Western release dates, and always the earliest — whether that is US, worldwide, or European dates. We sometimes also highlight other anticipated releases like DLCs, betas, big updates and so on. The start of was as exciting as the closing days of — if not more so — with some major releases such as Kingdom Hearts 3, Onimusha: Warlords, Resident Evil 2, Ace Combat 7 and more.

Everything We Know So Far About 'The Dragon Prince ' Season 2 on Netflix

The good news is that if you've seen Endgame you might be able to make an educated guess how Peter Parker makes it back into a second standalone movie in the MCU after his unfortunate dusting in the Avengers: Infinity War ending — though it's yet to be confirmed officially whether Spider-Man: We do know, however, that Tom Holland is back in the Spider-suit for a record fifth time previous record holder Tobey Maguire managed three , that he'll be facing off against some giant Elementals during a school trip to Europe, and that Jake Gyllenhaal himself once in the frame to play Peter Parker in Spider-Man 2 will be donning a fishbowl helmet as classic villain Mysterio. As we wait for more information to get caught in the giant web of news, this where you'll find all the latest information on the Spider-Man: Far From Home trailer , release date, story info, and more, including how it all ties into 's Spider-Man: We'll be continually refreshing this page with more news in the lead up to the movie's release too, so bookmark this page to make sure your Spider-senses keep tingling before Spider-Man: Far From Home swings into cinemas in July.

Sign in. Watch now. That Awkward Moment A snowstorm forces two people who made an online connection to unwillingly extend their one-night stand as the blizzard goes through the night. Mike O'Donnell is ungrateful for how his life turned out. He gets a chance to rewrite his life when he tried to save a janitor near a bridge and jumped after him into a time vortex.

After what felt like endless rumours, the Downton Abbey movie was officially confirmed on July 13 and is coming out in Last year, it was confirmed that there was a big screen spin-off "in the works" , but it felt like it would never happen — especially as one of the issues was getting all the cast back together almost three years after the finale aired. Julian's script charms, thrills and entertains and in Brian Percival's hands we aim to deliver everything that one would hope for as Downton comes to the big screen," enthused producer Gareth Neame. The movie has been written by creator Julian Fellowes and was originally going to be directed by Brian Percival, who directed the show's original pilot, before he stepped aside. He will now executive produce the movie and Michael Engler — who directed four episodes of the show and the pilot for Fellowes' new show The Gilded Age — will now direct the movie. So what else do we know about the Downton Abbey movie?

Disney has been planning its new streaming service for years to take on Netflix in the online streaming wars and now the entertainment giant has revealed it has an official launch date in the US: November 12, But only now have we been given some solid details about the kind of content that'll be available, as well as how much it'll cost you to have a library of Star Wars and The Simpsons on tap. The handheld console's streaming apps have been limited in the UK that is restricted to just YouTube, while those in the US have access to Hulu too. While Disney has made a pretty penny from licensing out its movies and shows to the likes of Netflix — an agreement shortly coming to an end — it makes a lot of financial sense to bring its IP together and reduce reliance on rival platforms. Disney has been working on the plan for some time now, acquiring a controlling stake in streaming technology provider BAMTech in following a first investment the previous year.

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