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Surprise of surprises: This show just loves to condescend to the nerds, the better to lift up our spirits when one of these sad sacks finds a potential love connection. Cringe comedy may be waning, but Geek Love combines what it finds to be the two most awkward things on the planet, nerds and dating, so remember to exercise your wincing muscles in case you get sore. And word to the wise:

Sci-Fi Speed Dating At New York Comic Con: Geek Love, A Scandal And Lots Of Convention PHOTOS

This weekend, Mark Lee and I ventured into this sublime, swag-filled, seething hive of humanity to subject it to the level of scrutiny to which it has grown accustomed. But first, cosplay! Even more prevalent were the soldiers of fortune. Unsurprisingly, Starlords abounded, taking their rightful place beside the Boba Fetts. But where were the Thors of yore, I ask you?

I saw one Loki, but I expected dozens! Dozens of Lokis! Were there Hulks? I saw no Hulks. Would you not expect some Doctors Strange, given the recent announcement of his upcoming film? And yet. There was a large-ish group of Spidermen and women, but, for the most part, the military-flavored Marvel heroes left their more fantastical brethren in the dust.

There were many other, non-Marvel soldiers, mercs, bounty hunters, and battle-bots traipsing around, too. What was the deal? Why did I see so many guns but only a single Game of Thrones character Daenerys? Film critics have argued that fantasy movies became particularly popular in the s because the despairing masses needed to escape the onslaught of war images and the ever-looming specter of terrorism.

Perhaps we feel we can play soldiers again, because fewer of us need to be them in the real world. Maybe, at this point, we have become so cynical about our government and its military that our greatest fantasy is to form a small group of badass but ethical renegades that can finally blow up the conspiracies created by our dastardly politicians and generals. In the s and even the very early s, we were still on the fence about the speed at which technology was advancing.

We were reading dozens of articles about technology and information overload, so we retreated into magical worlds filled with dragons and kid wizards and vampires. For whatever reason, Comic Con cosplayers have geared up up for war, and the pros at the Marvel House of Ideas Digital Panel are going with them. According to them, the connections among superheroes, the military, guns-for-hire, and the U.

Next up: The Americans panel. Better yet, the panel opened with some primo overthinking:. Get it? Because the Flash is fast! And speed dating is fast! The Lost Empire all in the same day. Mostly I talk about how the speed dating process works and what questions everyone asked each other. Comic books, anime, video games..? I suspect the crowd at Comic Con is especially interested in finding a kindred spirit who simply wants to do the same things they do.

This is a passionate group of people, and shared passions might lead to a great, geeky romance. Who knows? I do hope at least a few of my fellow speed daters got a second date out of it. As for the question I asked most often? I wanted to be around this energy. And what more can you say? It is, as our own Mark Lee says, electric. Ah ha, so that explains why nobody was dressed like The Flash at speed dating. It was The Flash branded! It would have been gauche to dress like The Flash for such an event.

A real faux pas. I do hope at least somebody showed up dressed like Clock King, but I hope that wherever people congregate that somebody is dressed like Clock King. Also, I can only presume that in this world of costumed business that there are those who attended this event with their appearance obfuscated to some degree.

Or, perhaps, for this audience, is it a feature and not a bug? Maybe this topic was broached on the aforementioned podcast, but I did not listen to it, and I shall not be listening to it in the near or distant future. Good questions. At the very least, the costumes gave daters an easy point of entry for conversation.

Now I keep imagining this as a sitcom type setup. Somebody call The Big Bang Theory and give them this idea. Click here to cancel reply. Graininess courtesy of my crappy phone. Also Groot was there. Am I right, ladies? Name required. Email required.

Event in New York, NY by NY Minute Dating on Saturday, October 8 Marceline the Vampire Queen, of "Adventure Time," and Hal Jordan, Green Lantern's alias, find common ground at New York Comic Con's.

A nervous-looking group of women begin to fill the room and take their seats at one of the grey chairs. Each spot is set with a pink card that's borderline uncomfortably close to the blue-card chairs. As more and more chairs are taken, a woman off to the side awkwardly scans the rows for an open space. The man running the program quickly noticed. At Comic Con , speed dating might seem more or less intimidating than the ordinary session happening at your local bar, depending on how comfortable you feel while sitting across from a man in a cape or a woman dressed as Iron Man.

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This weekend, Mark Lee and I ventured into this sublime, swag-filled, seething hive of humanity to subject it to the level of scrutiny to which it has grown accustomed. But first, cosplay!

Romance Unmasked

The participants endeared themselves to me in just that short time, and I expressed hope for a full-fledged series of con speed-dating escapades — and this year I get my wish. The first episode features a brony and all-around nice geek guy Alex, who approaches his Sci-Fi Speed Dating session with the hope of finding a girl interested in dating. Alex often finds himself in the dreaded Friend Zone with his female geek friends, which is described perfectly by the speed-dating host Ryan Glitch in one of the highlights of the episode. You can't help but root for him. Like the original special, Geek Love focuses on telling the participant's story rather than poking fun at them, and getting a glimpse of the cosplay and other sights at NYCC is an added bonus.

Spider-Woman (Gwen Stacy)

Skip navigation! Erik C. Each session is just three minutes, so you're gonna have to make an impact, and fast. So, here are 15 pick-up lines you can use to make your move. Because that man dressed as Link — or woman dressed as Sailor Moon — could be the love of your life. You never see me coming". I'll let you see my sonic screwdriver! Dreaming In Dothraki: Listen, a bagel a day does keep the doctor away — and don't let anyone tell you differently.

Sci-Fi Speed Dating was a hit for self-proclaimed geeks and nerds at New York Comic Con this year -- people signed up and got real fictional. But a love scandal ripped hearts in two during one of the sessions on Saturday, leaving lusty Princess Leias and sexy Superwomen without partners in crime fighting.

I am, after all, a single young man, and despite the fact that exactly one person has sought me out for romantic advice , my attempts at finding love are usually awkward enough even without a camera crew and a guy dressed as Storm Shadow manning the turntables. As for how it turned out, check out the video above, and my thoughts on the event after the jump! The event was was put on by a guy named Ryan who, as he says in the video above, also goes by "Giganakin," owing to the fact that he's a big dude who dresses in costume as Anakin Skywalker.

Patrick Fischler

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Patrick Fischler

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The Oxford Comment is a monthly podcast featuring insights from Oxford University Press authors, editors, and more. Headline image credit: Boxing ring. CC0 via Pixabay. In What is a Superhero? What emerges is a kaleidoscopic portrait of this most popular of pop-culture figures.

For NY Comic Con, geeks shall inherit the Earth

Thanks for introducing me to so many local singles in one evening! About Us What is Speed Dating? Why Choose Us? All rights reserved. This page includes video production by Click Play Films and others. Tell a Friend Contact Us Login. Comic Con speed dating is a great way to meet singles with similar interests such as video games, graphic novels, and anime - not to mention favorite superheroes! The event was attended by over singles, and included complimentary appetizers, drink specials, fun ice breakers, and prizes and giveaways.

Glitch, 25 years old, is the mastermind behind Lightning Fast Speed Dating, a roving event held at comic conventions and sci-fi gatherings. Glitch said. Glitch staged seven speed-dating sessions for lovelorn singles. Unlike the convention itself, the gender ratio at Mr. The event is free to all Comic Con attendees. On Saturday, Mr.

Patrick S. Fischler portrayed real-life gangster Mickey Cohen in the video game L. Noire , which utilized facial performance-capture technology to convert performances in the game's graphics. In , he appeared in One for the Money , a crime thriller adapted from Janet Evanovich 's novel of the same name. The Santa Monica restaurant Patrick's Roadhouse was started by his father and is named for him. In the film, Fischler played one of the men trapped inside an elevator that nearly falls due to an attack by a bomber.

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