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This Dad’s ‘Rules For Dating My Daughters’ Goes Viral Because They’re Frickin’ Awesome

The popular trope of the protective father threatening his daughter's suitor with a shotgun is not only overplayed and reductive, it's deeply boring. So, I'll admit, when I spot a trending article about a father writing his daughter an open letter, my automatic response is to cringe. Luckily, this is no such story. A report from Today revealed writer J.

Warren Welch's viral rules for dating his daughters, and they don't follow the regular gag-inducing formula of creepy paternalism. After getting exhausted by the macho posturing of his peers and fellow dads, Welch wrote his own rules for dating his daughters in a post on Instagram. His rules are truly a blessed departure from the cultural norm of fathers hoarding their daughters like precious sexualized jewels. You will respect them, and if you don't, I promise they won't need my help putting you back in your place.

Good luck pumpkin," wrote Welch. I know that's not the important takeaway, but can we reflect on how wonderful that is for a moment?! I ain't raisin' princess. A post shared by Jeff Welch j. Welch's forward-thinking is particularly significant because he's raising not one, not two, but five daughters with his wife Natasha. However, he has no time for the benevolent sexism disguised embedded in machismo fatherhood. I get that," Welch told reporters. Also, for our creepy president.

Beyond, you know, recognizing the autonomy and strength of his daughters, Welch also enjoys expressing his distaste towards Nazis. Which should be something all of us can get behind you'd be surprised. I recommend following him on social media, because he doesn't mince words about the important topics. My daughter gave me this Captain America shirt for father's day a couple years ago. I'm really more of a Deadpool guy Hopefully, the popularity of Welch's post this morning it exceeded 11, shares on Facebook signals just how many people are tired of the sexist trope of the possessive father.

If nothing else, over 11, hypothetical suitors have been called "pumpkin. Dad's 'rules for dating my daughters' goes viral. There's a powerful twist. Bronwyn Isaac. Sep 06, Posted by J. Warren Welch on Thursday, August 17,

Sep 7, Dad's 'Rules for Dating My Daughters' are right on. We've all seen the viral, “rules for dating my daughter” posts, right? The ones that use. Here are 10 rules from a father to a teenage daughter's boyfriend: The following places are not appropriate for a date with my daughter: Places where there.

You make my daughter, i still have taught my son funny shirt for girls in my son. Cute rules dating. Shop with one of references and find a bit of focus on the girls this to all potential girlfriends!

I get why it is popular. But this guy makes a couple of critical errors.

The cast of 8 simple rules for dating my teenage daughter Boys are dating my daughter. Keep your teenage daughter. Setting dating my teenage daughter, emma, emma, anne and things being discussed.

10 Rules for Dating my Daughter T-shirt

Rules for dating my daughter t shirt australia. Bertha Rocha, 27 years old. Got a discussion topic that's not necessarily related to technology? Well, come on in and join the Speakeasy forum to discuss a wide variety of non-technical related topics with your fellow community members--discussions can range from today's hottest news items to sharing your latest fishing tale--the sky is the limit. Copyright W. Bruce Cameron Rules for dating my daughter t shirt australia do not remove the copyright from this essay When I was in high school I used to be terrified of my girlfriend?

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ON my recent visit to his new apartment in Great Neck, N. He had only a cellphone, and could not reach the number. I was appalled. But then he explained that after a good year marriage to my mother, who died last August, he is yearning to repeat the experience. He wants romance and companionship. And with statistics showing that 80 percent of healthy widowers remarry, and often within three years of the death of a first wife, he is not acting that strangely. I said I would make the call. Pimpish was more like it.

And in case anyone's confused, they're printed right on his T-shirt. The photo, posted to Tumblr over the weekend and quickly making the social media rounds, is pretty straightforward:.

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This Dad’s Feminist Set Of Rules For Dating His Daughter Should Be The New Standard

Once upon a time, callow young men almost always met their dates' dads. This ritual vetting was an important part of protecting the human species from random romantic mistakes. As a new boyfriend, you'd rather get your skull drilled than meet your date's old man for the first time, yet meet him you did. You'd throw your shoulders back and wipe your clammy paw against your sweater in anticipation of his too-firm handshake. In most cases, it was like shaking hands with a smiling canned ham. At work was the law of inverse proportions. The more impressive the girl, the worse her father. If your date was Goldilocks, her dad looked like Shrek, big, green and warty. As time passed, you learned to pick up your dates before the cocktail hour, before her dad was feeling extra social and likely to utter the worst words you'd ever heard: Let's chat a little. I'd always answer: I mean, aren't parents the most indecipherable of all human beings?

THE AGE OF DISSONANCE; 8 Rules for Dating My Dad

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Dad's 'rules for dating my daughters' goes viral. There's a powerful twist.

See video highlights of the Prized Possession seminar and booking information. Being a dad is a BIG deal! There is something extra special about having a daughter! The blog will be updated often with applicable lessons on being a dad with specific focus on being a dad of a daughter. A collaborative effort between over 3 dozen contributors who care about the state of girls and have first-hand experience on the topic. This book is a must read for fathers with daughters and youth workers who want to better understand the environment and consequences surrounding our girls. Through the magic of Social Media, there were literally millions of people from around the world who joined in the conversation.

Even for those of us who didn't grow up with dads who threatened to take a shotgun to any boy who messed with us, we get it—watching your daughter enter the dating scene is harder than hard. There's some sort of Freudian theory behind it all, but easier to understand is this viral this "Feminist Father" polo shirt. Kristine Speare, 20, who according to her Twitter bio is a "feminist, coffee addict, book lover" gave her dad, Chuck, the shirt, and posted it to Tumblr with the note, "that's my dad! The reaction's been largely positive— Feministing simply captioned it "Nothing to add" while Buzzfeed noted, "This is wonderful"—but not everyone approves. Conservative-leaning PJ Media expressed dismay that a dad would let his daughter make her own dating rules, and suggested that it's a signal "to every male predator out there that his daughter is available for victimization. We, however, are all for Chuck's statement-making polo. It gives women exactly what we need at any age—the confidence to declare that we are in charge of our decisions and our bodies.

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A dad is being applauded online for his twist on the traditional "rules for raising my daughter" fatherly thing. Warren Welch, who says he "ain't raisin' no princesses", posted his rules on social media. I ain't raisin' princess. A post shared by Jeff Welch j. Good luck pumpkin.

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