Payday 2 terrible matchmaking

Payday 2 terrible matchmaking

You can get a copy of Payday: The Heist for free on Steam today, and you don't even have to steal it. From now until 10AM Pacific on Friday, Overkill Software is letting you waltz into the vault and leave with the game at zero cost. It's part of Overkill's "Crimefest" promotion, which gave out rewards as more people joined the Payday 2 Steam group.

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I quit, leaving my friend Owen to carry on with random players. But Owen has a way about him. A childish enthusiasm that he constantly fired at me on IM. Then Jim said we should WiT it. So I threw the mask on, we formed a crime team with a pair of other friends, and hopped back online. In short: The opening pretty much set the tone. Owen was explaining how the heist would drop: Then we could grab the loot and escape.

The first part of most missions allows you to walk around the map and take it in: Hit him! Now grab his pager. Now we… aw! Someone had flubbed, but there was no time to figure out who, so we just blamed Owen. The police were on their way. We all gathered in the main store, smashing display cases, and threatening the customers. We piled the bags in a corner, to keep them away from the police who could pick them up, and tied up a few of the customers so we could use them to trade.

Then the cops hit. The police arrive in timed waves: By now, any notion of our group having coherence had scattered like coins from the shaky hands of a scared bank teller. I was sprinting between two back rooms, doing my best to keep the police from sneaking in, and the others were weaving between cases. All we were doing was firing and backing each other up, enjoying the hefty feel of the weapons, panicking over health and ammo, and blaming Owen. I could see health and ammo stats, player positions and dropped deployables, at a glance.

We were actually doing well: The car arrived and honked for us. It was time to leave. This is where I made my mistake. Every interaction is timed, so even picking up a bag is bound by a countdown. We all grabbed bags and bolted out the front of the store. It was hectic, and I was in front, crouch-walking towards the van. That many bullets was bound to do some damage somewhere. I got to the van and looked behind me: Then I noticed the loot bag that I was supposed to be carrying was floating away on the other side of the fight.

It looked like a ghost as it vanished on the back of a policeman. We all watched, now exposed to the wall of police that had surrounded the store, incapable of reacting. Death was mercifully swift. Payday 2 has a knack of undoing best and Bopo laid plans, but in a way that makes you want to return. You can often spot what went wrong and which element of human error you should eliminate. We set off alarms and alerted the entire FBI in one unstealthy assault on their HQ, and though we recovered, that alarm caused a shutter to close on a server room, doubling the length of time it took to break in.

That extra few hundred seconds was what done us in, when someone was downed we all swiftly followed. We failed two missions just by trying to rescue one player: We restarted because we just had to win. The longer we played, the more a touch of Groundhog Day started to settle in. Particularly when the game does its utmost to get you to play them over and over on the map-screen, anyway. Offering you multiple versions of the same mission at different difficulties is just one of the problems I have with the menu screen.

Payday 2 ditches a traditional mission selection menu, instead requiring you to select missions from a map. Instead they throb in and fade out, actually disappearing from the screen. The character skill-tree selection is fine, even if the choices are a tad busy. You have four classes, each with three branches. My own selection was the Technician, because he had a skill track that led me to the promised land of a sentry gun. But I could have headed towards a faster drill or better C4.

And I still can: I can even respec. The equipment screen also works: The usual spread of handling, sights, suppression, and customisation are there, to improve on the already fun guns. And you can even sell collected upgrades and masks back to the game. To move from an actual working menu to the broken mess of the mission menu is as jarring as being zapped by a taser. What a fundamental thing to get wrong. It does a lot right, otherwise.

If someone falls out completely, the AI will ready up, though the squad AI is pretty basic: Drill have timers on them for god sakes, this damn level could have a clearer countdown. Even stages that placed drill locks in quick succession were more bearable. A lot of hosts see anything below level 15 as a personal insult, and they like to abuse the kick button. If you click our links to online stores and make a purchase we may receive a few pennies.

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I've played lots of games which require similar skills Payday 2 could make 12) Online matchmaking seems pretty crappy, most of the time the games 13) You can't disable the awful graphical filter this game has, It's like. Why do we pay for a game that has terrible matchmaking, playing for minutes to lose connection in the middle. This has happened so.

Planetary Annihilation. Do wins and loses really matter when there is terrible matchmaking? DeadStretch , July 10, Ive been going assassin for few days to get some wins instead of going uber streak with a loss. Deadpool FTW , July 10,

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Exploiting Steam lobbies and matchmaking Introduction. Payday 2, the Codemasters games.

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Within a few weeks, Games and Starbreeze's new multiplayer co-op shooter Payday 2 will probably be a legitimately fun and deep online experience, despite minor gameplay reservations. But at this stage, the crime. I've been playing on since last Thursday and never had a problem finding a game or getting people to join me. The game is freaking awesome, sounds like they need to fix the PS3 version, though. It's the same on the PC even on the latest patch 6 the matchmaking is still terrible.

GTA Online's matchmaking is such a drag...

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This is more or less a PSA. Don't buy this game. It's disgraceful, and I hope somebody with a megaphone in the industry can call this stuff out. Corrupted save file, broken voice chat, broken matchmaking, constant crashes.

Payday 2 random matchmaking

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What does A. Making boosts finally Ballin as shit Want ta add -4 accuracy to a sniper? This is done to work around [a severe framerate drop when leaving steel sights mode] https: About This mod extends PocoHud to add support for tracking and displaying the following information: Note that this mod does not handle displaying the information itself - instead, it calls certain PocoHud functions to display the tracked information as though PocoHud itself were tracking it.

Free game alert: Steal a no-cost copy of Payday: The Heist for today only

Home Discussions Workshop Market Broadcasts. Change language. Install Steam. Store Page. Global Achievements. This topic has been locked. I have to launch the game so it can crash so I actually can play it.

So like some kind of foolish fool I decided to pick up the Crimewave Edition of Payday 2 without reading up on it. In my defense I'd already played and loved the game and didn't foresee any real problems occurring considering the game has been out for years and a simple port didn't seem like too much to ask for. I prefer playing on the console because I like couch co-op. So Overkill shipped a broken game, you cannot join a multiplayer match, which is devastating, especially since the friendly AI is awful. Given Overkill's propensity for completely ignoring their console releases I'm assuming a patch to fix basic functionality will arrive in about years. In the meantime I'm looking for ways to make the best of a typical situation.

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The matchmaking in this game is terrible. Many of you have been playing Killing Floor 2 since EarlyAccess on Steam si However, the community has continued to grow over the years from the. May 18, Hit online matchmaking. Go to permissions and hit friends only. Jun 15, - 1 min - Uploaded by Billicit GamingJust a short video to help those of you wonderful people out there!

@Overkill_TM - Please Fix PayDay 2: Crimewave Edition for Xbox One
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