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WhichDate Score: One of our resident dating reviewers, Fred, has compiled an in depth look at OurTime. The site caters for users over 50 and has been owed by Match. The site is a fairly new player in the UK market and so far they claim to have over , users, all of who are over I see this number increasing alot due to both the budget of Match. Below we have recruited Fred, a 58 year old singleton who has written an honest, in depth review of OurTime.

OurTime.com Review

I am living in USA for quite a while. When my marriage went down the drain, I was looking for a new date. I registered at those two dating sites: I found there have many scammer on the ourtime. When I ask meet , they always found any excuse to not meet me , luckily I found my current girlfriend on multifriends. You can take a try: Its an ok site, nothing to write home about. I prefer primetimelove. Waste of your time and money.

You'll get very little responses from other members on this site and half the time none of them will even include a photo or a completed profile. To respond back to anyone not even knowing if they are real people or not you'll have to get a paid account and then their policy is to automatically renew it. There is no refund policy and very little customer service so be careful or you'll have another 6 months or whatever your term of almost no response from questionable members.

Recently my dads Our time account was either hacked. One day he was receiving views from all over the US. When contacting people media, the first rep we spoke too argued with us that if some suspicious happened they would have contacted us. We were never contacted. We wanted a refund and to cancel the acct but she would not let us.

After giving us an temp password.. After an hour of being on the phone a different rep was able to get us into acct. Come to find out Birthday was changed, profile changes and pictures of another man was on my dads profile. After inputting the correct information, the acct was changed again and at the moment cannot get into the acct. Very unhappy.

Peoplemedia oversees about 22 websites according to their rep. There is no supervisor you are able to contact. Please be aware and get your information off their sites ASAP. They cheated me. They don't allow you to read your messages unless you subscribe. They don't screen their members because I received message from men in their 20s and scammers. My account was hacked, so I called customer service. I asked for a partial refund and they don't give refunds if you used their site.

They corrected my photos and profile. Currently the photos are accurate, but the profile is back to what the hacker wrote. I have used the site off and on. Women don't respond to flirts or likes very often. I've talked to a few of them and they say it's exhausting for them to keeo up with so many men. Seems like very difficult odds for a man. They collect very little data. I suspect one could do better throwing darts at a wall of pictures. I've used eharmony and Match and found both to be superior.

Also, when attempting to stop the receipt of their unsatisfactory recommendations I had to google my question to find the procedure. I find it very, very annoying when sites make it so difficult stop receiving their services. Preying on the most vulnerable. Older people are alone and looking for companionship in their later years and this site takes advantage of them by posting false profiles. Absolute poor customer service. Can't get a response if you need help. Terrible service and poor listing.

I would not recommend this service to anyone. I should have read the reviews first The people sent were hideous and no normal clean, decent person with a brain would respond. I called customer service and this idiot John who refused to tell me his last name acted like it was nothing and would not answer my request to cancel. Tip for consumers: Was on this site for three months and only got phished, lies and even a threat.

This is the worst dating site ever. Sending wrong sex matches, people with one picture up and no descriptions, people who put lies about their employment in their profiles, lies about whether they had children, lies about everything! Not only were the matches horrid, but some were actually threatening and quite scary. I hope this site gets shut down eventually. Come on seniors, get out there and mingle! Much easier to meet real people in person than to do so on this site.

I do know someone this site worked for. My experience was that nobody really wants to answer any simple questions, like "what IS it you like about my profile" [or photo]. Very scary. I left. I'd rather be alone. The teasers show fairly attractive people. I had no idea that the majority of the users are far short of even being the slightest bit attractive.

And some people are so inept they cant even post a picture correctly. Oh, thats a nice picture of your forehead, I think Ill contact you. And then the people that contact you - for Gods sake, have some self respect; take a shower, wash your hair. Do you really think a decent person is going to respond to you? Our Time deleted all the information in my profile because I made the mistake of saying I did not intend to renew. They could have deleted just that line, but they did not like my profile so they deleted it all.

I responded by asking for my information back or my money because I had not made a copy. They ignored my request continued to bill me for another 3 months. The site feels cheap, like you're in a Casino. Overall, a horrible experience and I feel robbed. I signed up for 1 month and that is all. Kept sending the same people to me. I got out and they kept my profile on the site. A lot of scammers but you can filtered thru all of that junk and they use models for their homepage.

So funny. Also, never give out your email and phone number until you have emailed thru OurTime website. So many will say it is their last day so they want your email and phone number. Mark that ignorant. For us, ladies, I'm not interested in pursuing a man, as Steve Harvey says, the woman is the prize. I bow and agree to this statement. Sign up get multiple flirts,messages..

Within 8 days of subscribing profile is hacked, and you are not able to get into your profile. Contacted customer service. Scripted replies.. Give you a new temporary password that never works Ive signed up on or around January I thought this is a legimate dating site for mature folks, but turned out that after a couple of months it turned out to be a hacker network. The first month, I talked to a few guys and met with two but did seem to have a strong connection, so I decided to continue on my search sometime in mid March I exchanged my information with a couple of guys I call them guys because they dont deserve a title of man.

They asked me to exchange like pictures,phone numbers and email because I thought it was a legitimate connection because they send me pictures of their family with them in it. I assumed they hacked it some where. I wasted my entire month with one dude who gave me a sad story about how how his wife had passed due to cancer and he is a single dad.

We exchanged emails for two weeks and he expressed how he is so in love with me because I have a good heart. He told me he is a government contractor etc

As you explore the features of the site, it's clear to see OurTime is essentially the toysthatteachbothell.com of online dating for a more senior age group. The site mimics Match. toysthatteachbothell.com is a niche dating site released by People Media in The website provides men and women in their 50s the opportunity to.

I am living in USA for quite a while. When my marriage went down the drain, I was looking for a new date. I registered at those two dating sites: I found there have many scammer on the ourtime.

But is this true? Can you really meet someone your age on OurTime.

OurTime is a dating site that is primarily aimed at older singles, usually in the age range of fifty and onwards. The website is owned by People Media, launched in , which runs a number of other dating sites that are aimed towards specific demographics like senior dating. OurTime claims that people often want different things than from what they wanted when they were in their 20s, 30s and 40s.

OurTime (14-Day) Free Trial: The Misconception & The Solution

Because let's face it: There's a reason why post-retirement age could be the happiest time of your life. Golden years, hello? Yes, there may be fewer potential partners in the dating pool, but if you think about it, that just makes everything less overwhelming. Which dating app is right for you? Use this guide to figure it out.

OurTime Dating Site Review: Main Features Explained

OurTime was specifically created for older singles, so in theory it seems like the perfect choice. But does this dating site actually work in practice? These OurTime reviews have the info you need to decide if this is the best dating site for over 50 singles, or if you should spend your time and money on a site like Match. Like any online dating site, OurTime has it pluses and minuses. On the plus side, it is an easy-to-navigate dating site that is owned by the same company as Match. Between the two sites, Match. So it might be best to start searching there instead. But if you can afford to be on them both, OurTime does have its fair share of attractive, eligible singles. If only one dating site will fit into your budget, go with Match. No, although it is free to join.

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Our Time is a great dating site for singles over 50 that just lets you have a ball, meeting new, interesting people, getting to know them better with photos and videos and chatting with them one-on-one. Fortunately, senior dating sites have become super popular recently, allowing the elderly to make friends, go on dates, engage in meaningful relationships, and enjoy their golden years to the fullest. Read this Our Time review to find out more about the website that was designed to help seniors meet other seniors.

OurTime.com Scams People Over 50 Years Of Age (REVIEW)

I have serious buyer's remorse on day one. There is very little room to write out a decent profile, or what you're seriously looking for. My inbox is immediately inundated with messages from men all over the USA. There is no way to filter it out. I've already had to block one jerk. Thankfully, I only bought one month. I hate to say that the free service, Plenty of Fish, was way better and had more amenities. Now let's talk about the login process. It won't keep me logged in so i have to input my email address and password every time. But it won't acknowledge my password until I've gone through the process of clicking on pictures of bicycles, fire hydrants, cars, storefronts, crosswalks, etc.

Our Time Dating Site Review

All Rights Reserved. OurTime caters to singles 50 years and older who are looking for anyone from pen pals and travel partners to serious relationships and marriages. The site mimics Match in many ways, from their handpicked daily matches, to their well-designed profiles that provide just the right amount of information to get conversations going. The senior dating site allows you to email, chat, discreetly connect via text message or phone, send digital gifts, add others to favorites, and send flirts to show interest -- which is a rather extensive list of options for communicating all together under one roof. Throughout the range of available ways to show interest, email is the most direct and the site does a good job at encouraging emails by showcasing Message Ideas on each profile, which are questions others may want to answer in their initial emails to you. The mobile web and desktop version of the online dating platform are ranked 29 in the dating and relationships category and attract an average of 7,, visitors per month. Site visitors spend an average of seven-and-a-half minutes on the site per visit, with the majority of visits originating from the United States and Canada.

OurTime Review May 2019

Our Time is one of the projects from People Media that saw the world in This international platform works all globally and offers its users a chance to communicate with peers locally or across the globe. Apart from audience age, the site does not feature any other restrictions. Here, users can search for friends, short or long-term relationships and even marriage partners. Even though OurTime is an international platform, the vast majority of users come from the US.

OurTime Reviews UK - 2019

This company is not yet accredited. To learn more, see reviews below or submit your own. Keep an eye on your inbox, the lastest consumer news is on it's way! A link has directed you to this review. Its location on this page may change next time you visit. I'm having a blast on this site, although my Hubby has passed on, I wanted to fill a void by meeting new friends, so far so good. Like I said you can block or delete which I am famous for, so use your head and don't get caught in a trap, don't be hungry, and don't be stupid.

The website provides men and women in their 50s the opportunity to interact and meet with other users in the area. Users can search for pen pals, friends, dates, long term relationships and even marriage partners. The site does a good job of giving people over the age of 50 a safe platform to meet other people for love and friendship. The registration process is very easy, as the site only requires the most basic information from a person to create an account. The dating site gives users several options when it comes to finding members they're interested in. Users get featured matches, which are refreshed daily. Aside from that, you can also search for other members using the free search function.

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OurTime Review: Features of Online Dating Site
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