My daughter is dating a girl

I just got a text saying this from a reliable source. I have to talk with her after school and find out what's really going on. I was asking advice the other day on here about letting her go to a dance with a junior a boy and now I hear this. The reliable source told me she wanted to talk to me and I asked what it was about. I am also wondering if it's to make me want to say yes about going with the boy to the dance as another poster suggested.

How Do I Disapprove of My Daughter's Friend or Boyfriend Without Being an Invasive Mom?

I just got a text saying this from a reliable source. I have to talk with her after school and find out what's really going on. I was asking advice the other day on here about letting her go to a dance with a junior a boy and now I hear this. The reliable source told me she wanted to talk to me and I asked what it was about. I am also wondering if it's to make me want to say yes about going with the boy to the dance as another poster suggested.

I would be upset if I thought there was a major thing in my child's life that she didn't feel she could talk to me about. I would upset if this meant that she had been lying to me. Beyond that, no. Provided she was of an appropriate age and the girl was a decent human being, then no, I wouldn't be upset. I would have no issue whatsoever with my daughter dating a girl.

I've no qualms with whomever my children would like to date provided they treat them with respect and are good to them. I would be sad that she was going to have a little harder of a life, if she wanted to marry, or have kids, prejudices I knew a lot of girls at that age that were bi-curious and not "dating" girls J. I would be more upset because I would feel like I failed in the communication aspect of my relationship with my daughter.

From day 1 we've had an open book with no topics off limits and we have a close relationship. We talk about everything. This is something whe would think nothing of talking to me about. If she hid something like this from me, that is why I would be upset She may only have a BFF and rumors are running around that they are dating. Rumors fly in High School. SO many people are SO quick to judge and jump to conclusions. I hope you don't come down on her.

I hope you use this as a relationship builder for the 2 of you. I wouldn't be mad at her, but disapointed that she hadn't felt comfortable confiding in me. I would worry for her, in terms of bigotry, and possible violence she might encounter. But mom, tread lightly. This text may be way off base. My teenager had some besties that were so close you'd think they were dating. I told her that if she was it was ok and I would support her. Turns out they weren't, but teen girls hug, hold hands, swap clothes, tell each other they love each other and it's nothing but frienship.

Don't be accusatory or she will just clam up. Let her know it's safe to be open with you about her sexuality and its important that you know so you can guide her through this time in her life properly with the right information. I would be hurt because she didn't feel comfortable in our relationship to tell me herself. However, I would not jump to conclusions and be mad at her. If she is happy and they are good to her, boy or girl I am happy for her. On a personal note: I know you didn't ask for this.

But because I played softball and was very good at it and I loved the sport, many people thought I was a lesbian. To top it off my best friend was on my team and we did everything together. Many people thought we were a couple. Neither one of us is a lesbian. Far too many people make judgements. As others have stated tread lightly, this may be a case just like mine.

My son is gay. He is totally awesome, as is his partner. It took him years before he came out, and was engaged to a terrific girl for several years. I asked him if he was gay during his not-admitting-it time. He denied it. But, mom was right! How on earth could I be upset? It's not like he "decided" to be gay. Like Lady Gaga, he was "born that way! To answer your question, No I wouldn't be upset, although I would echo what other moms have said: I would be sad that my daughter couldn't talk to me about it.

This brings up kind of a side note for me- I DO NOT think kids should be discouraged from exploring different types of relationships. BUT I think it's important to avoid attaching any type of label to this. I don't think that anyone under the age of about ish should identify themselves as "gay" "bisexual" OR "straight". I think that young people who explore different relationship types will eventually find what makes them happy; during this time of exploration, it is not appropriate to slap a label on a person's forehead.

Maybe it's just me, but I feel like once you give a person a label, it indicates a type of permanency, and can become a part of how they identify themselves. This can actually limit their choices in the future. That is, if a person self-identifies as "gay" or "straight" too early, they could miss out on a relationship that is truly good for them. Who would text you something like that? Surely not someone who had either your or your daughter's best interest in mind!!

I would seriously reconsider your source. I would, because I know she isn't gay, and I would be wondering what guy she was trying to impress. Now my other kids, whatever. They are who they are already, even if they are too young to realize it. I am gay, and I know what it's like to have to tell your parents.

I would never, ever allow my child to feel like my mom made me feel. Honestly, sure, that is a hard road in this country. But we'd figure it out, and I would come to terms with it eventually if that was indeed her life choice. I would be most upset that I didn't hear it from her. I do find it weird you woudl get a text like that. Who does that? If I wanted to share something somewhat startling with someone, I woudln't text them.

Are you sure it IS reliable? Like someone else said are you sure its a "reliable source"? And how would this person know for sure? Did they see with their own eyes? Or did this person hear from another person etc? What if your daughter denies it? Then who are you going to believe? If this source is say one of her friends, would any if them make this up because of some reason you don't know about? Whatever the truth really is, You need to plan the way you approach this matter.

Its sensitive and needs care to be taken. And you will have to be prepared to accept what she tells you too. And I know alot of you ladies say that but readin how many would be upset if your child was gay thats not showing unconditional love. I would also hope she would come to me with anything. You need to talk to her. My older daughter, who is 21, told me that a new thing with teens is dating the same gender. Apparently there are some kids out there that think it is cool to be bi or gay.

There is nothing wrong with it mind you but there is something wrong with acting like you are to be cool, ya know? Extremely upset. Life is all about choices. That is a horribly wrong choice to make a choice for a same sex "relationship". I'd be upset with myself for not knowing who my daughter was and where her affectional preferences lie. I'd be concerned about predjudices that she might run into. I'd hope that I could open a conversation with her about this. At 14, we are exploring life in all it's apects and variations and that can be scary without support.

Q. My year-old college daughter announced this week that she was seeing someone. She has never had a relationship with a boy, or a girl for that matter, so this is a complete shock. We love her completely and want to react with compassion and support, but I just don't know what. Two years earlier, I'd walked in on my daughter with another girl. have if she were dating a boy—except with her I didn't talk about condoms.

One thing I DO know is that your response to her recent disclosure is critical. All teens go through a period of sexual identity formation. All human sexuality exists on a spectrum. There is a lot of grey area here. You went through this process, and so did I.

I went on my first date when I was almost 14 with a boy named Richie. It was awesome.

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Would You Be Upset If You Heard Your Daughter Was Dating a Girl?

Whether it's a new boyfriend who seems like he's bad news or a friend who sets off that little warning light in your brain, deciding how to handle these kinds of situations is one of the biggest struggles I've heard moms talk about. On the one hand, because you're such a protective and loving mom, you probably want to barricade the front door and not let that person within 10 feet of your precious girl believe me, when I've heard girls in workshops talk about bad news boyfriends or mean friends, I've felt the exact same way! But at the same time, you don't want to go too far and drive a wedge between the two of you. So how do you find the right balance? When I received this question from a HuffPost reader, it took me back to two particular times when my own mom and I were facing this issue. The first time had to do with a close girlfriend, and the other involved a toxic ex-boyfriend whom she and everyone else who loved me tried every which way to get me to walk away from.


The dilemma I have a year-old daughter. I still see my daughter regularly and she is close to my wife and the two other children we have. Last week I was informed that her new boyfriend is a little older than her. He also has a wife and two children who he is preparing to leave to be with my daughter. I am, in equal measures, furious, horrified, embarrassed, ashamed and desperate. This new boyfriend is older than my wife, who is I am My daughter wants me to meet this man, but I am too shocked and angry that a man of his age and with his responsibilities could behave in this manner. How should I handle this?

My year-old college daughter announced this week that she was seeing someone.

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My Daughter Says She Is Gay

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My daughter is dating a man more than twice her age

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Can I Date Your Daughter?
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