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Spitting Game

A recent Netflix documentary is coming under flack by liberal critics for having a hidden agenda. The New Sexual Revolution , released in and follows the sexual culture of today by looking at spring break and the consequences of partying behavior during this infamous week off from school. Yet, in contrast to many Netflix options, Liberated poses a very telling question about the sexual landscape of our world and the darkness behind it.

Benjamin Nolot, a Christian documentarian, directed Liberated. Within the first few minutes of the movie, audiences are confronted with the sad truth of today's oversexualized cultures. Many spring break partiers were interviewed on the beach or on the way to celebrate the week and were asked about their motives for sex, and the answers are usually exactly what you'd expect. A recent article came out against the documentary, calling Nolot and his team "Christian fundamentalists.

For instance, when he and his team took Liberated to screenings and universities around the country and abroad, many viewers were unhappy with the portrayal of onscreen events because they showed the emptiness in hook-up culture and one-night-stands. One viewer relayed his distaste, saying Liberated painted "casual sex as inherently disempowering.

These liberal critics gathered that Nolot and his Liberated team kept their conservative beliefs about sex before marriage quiet in order to "push their agenda. He said , "Sex means something, and if it doesn't, then why is adultery a thing? And if it doesn't, then why is rape a thing? Treating [sex] with the reverence or respect it deserves is a way to move past the rape culture that we are currently living in.

Get Spirit-filled content delivered right to your inbox! Click here to subscribe to our newsletter. The piece went through Nolot's previous documentary about sex-trafficking along with his connection to religious institutions such as the International House of Prayer in Kansas City and Exodus Cry, an organization that was birthed out of prayer to help end sex slavery.

In addition, a tweet from on Nolot's was unearthed that states Nolot opposes homosexual marriage as it contradicts God's heart for marriage. Join us on our podcast each weekday for an interesting story, well told, from Charisma News. Listen at charismapodcastnetwork. Great Resources to help you excel in ! Prayer helps you overcome anything life throws at you.

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Spitting Game: The College Hook Up Culture dares to open Pandora's Box and take a penetrating look inside the college hook up culture. Hooking up, which is described as a drunken, no-strings attached sexual encounter, Documentary. CINDY WOLFE STAFF WRITER. On Friday, April 5, at 7 p.m., students gathered in Pugliese Auditorium to watch a documentary that addressed.

Sales, who wrote and directed Swiped , would think that this is bad with a capital B. Swiped is not new territory for her: Before writing her book American Girls on young women and social media, Sales wrote a Vanity Fair story on the app during its early days in That article seems to have formed much of this basis of this new documentary on HBO.

I just saw The Dating Project with my husband, eleven young adults, and a priest. It will be available on digital and DVD soon so that more people can share in the conversation that it ignites.

Netflix hookup culture documentary. Netflix hookup culture documentary Looking for female erotica the alarming sexual.

“The Dating Project,” Hookup Culture, and the Need for Change

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'Swiped' matches digital hookups with unforeseen consequences

CNN HBO's latest documentary actually owes a debt to science fiction, and the unintended consequences associated with unleashing forces beyond our control. In the case of "Swiped: Hooking Up in the Digital Age," the monster is the corrosive effects of dating apps that have rapidly led society into uncharted territory -- what one expert calls "evolutionary unprecedented waters. Chat with us in Facebook Messenger. Find out what's happening in the world as it unfolds. Hooking Up in the Digital Age'. That description comes from research scientist Justin Garcia, one of several academics who paint a dismaying picture of a world in which adults age spend an estimated 10 hours per week on such apps, finding and engaging with potential mates in a way that's unlike any previous generation. Still, writer-director Nancy Jo Sales -- essentially adapting, and updating, her Vanity Fair piece "Tinder and the Dawn of the Dating Apocalypse" -- accomplishes more than just make old married folk feel relieved to be out of dating game; rather, she travels the country, to places like Austin, Tex.

Promiscuity has taken center stage on campuses across the nation as the drunken, no-strings attached model for sexual expression eclipses traditional dating. In her compelling film, Spitting Game:

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Spitting Game - The College Hookup Culture

Your ultimate goal is to take her back and have sex with her. As a guy, that's your goal every time. What do you mean get to know her? Skip navigation! Story from Entertainment. Sex doesn't mean anything. Sex is just a pleasure," says a male college student named Loden, from Florida, in the opening sequence of a new Netflix documentary about one of the key aspects of today's dating landscape: Obviously, not every young person is into casual sex, or able to detach themselves emotionally from the physical act of sex, but reams of research show that there has been a sea change in the dominant attitude towards sex among young people who have grown up with the internet porn being a huge factor , the inescapable nature of sexual imagery, and dating apps. The New Sexual Revolution , available now on Netflix UK, makes for eye-opening viewing even if you're a member of the generation being put under the microscope and casual sex is part of your life. Award-winning filmmaker Benjamin Nolot follows groups of British and American students during spring break in the US, uncovering some of their attitudes towards sex and gender. It's easy to have sex with girls, they're down just like guys are down," says an unnamed young man who sums up how the process works: Then there's the guy who boasts of sleeping with four "girls" it's always "girls", never "women" a night, another with a bracelet pronouncing him "DTF" down to fuck , and another who brags about enjoying the "challenge" of sleeping with virgins.

A Documentary About the Reality of College Hookup Culture

When most people are looking for something to watch on Netflix they scroll through the newest TV shows or re-watch their favorite episodes of The Office , but for anyone looking to venture outside their normal habits Netflix recently added a new documentary. Sure, we all look forward to a week on the beach at a tropical resort as a way to forget the stress of papers and pop quizzes, but this film showed how important it is to be aware of what to expect when you arrive. This documentary shows that firsthand and does not sugarcoat the outcome of a worst-case scenario. Interviewing college students from across the country and even some international ones provided a completely accurate depiction of what it is like to try to date or form some sort of physical relationship among young adults. Without much probing by the filmmaker, it was clear that finding intimacy and actual affection in this modern world of hookups is near impossible and damaging when it often encourages people to treat a sexual encounter as just another exploit to brag about. Hearing college-aged girls talk about their fears of something being put in their drink and the pressure to only want casual relationships in college is not isolated. It is something that we can all attest to when it comes to the college hook up culture.

“The Dating Project,” Hookup Culture, and the Need for Change

Take Back the Night was a sexual assault awareness event. A screening of the documentary Liberated: The film revealed the influence of media and pop culture on sexuality and the societal pressure to conform. The sexual objectification of women and cultural expectations were also exposed through interviews with affected individuals. The film was created by the nonprofit group Exodus Cry and directed by Benjamin Nolot. It was recently released exclusively on Netflix. The local screening took place in the PappaJohn Business Building.

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I was being interviewed for, Liberated: The New Sexual Revolution—a newly released documentary on Netflix that exposes the intersection between pop-culture, hookup culture, and rape culture. Set on a beach during Spring Break, Liberated follows my weeklong hedonistic journey of using and discarding women, whom I From celebrities to professors, sexual assault victims to college partiers, here are some of the honest and inspiring things people are saying about Liberated: The New Sexual Revolution. We also want you to add your voice to the conversation and help share the truth! You can boost exposure for this film and fight the sexual violation that pervades our world by rating and reviewing Liberated on IMDB and Netflix.

Sorry but this title is not available for purchase in your region. Please contact us for more information. Filmmaker Denice Ann Evans draws heavily on the voices of students in this powerful and timely exploration of hookup culture on college campuses. Supplementing student testimony with analysis from experts and health professionals, the film's main concern is whether hookup culture is offering young people a new and potentially liberating set of sexual rules, or whether it's simply reinforcing traditional gender roles and blurring the line between consent and coercion. The result is an invaluable teaching tool, one that asks tough questions about the relationship between hookup culture, gender politics, and the alarming levels of sexual assault and binge drinking that continue to plague college campuses. The DVD includes both a minute feature of the film and a minute abridged version, made specifically for use in the classroom. This thoughtful film gets inside the hookup culture, reveals its gender politics, and enables us to finally start asking the right questions about the sort of sexual ethics we need to be developing.

What is Hookup Culture Actually Like On College Campuses?
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