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Sign in Register. Index Recent Topics Search. Welcome, Guest. The administrator has disabled public write access. Unless other who regularly go to Holland state the contrary, the connections are the same as UK, but reverse polarity may be an issue. We have come across reversed polarity quite a few times abroad.

What do I do about hooking up to the electric at my campsite?

Hi, we're travelling to Spain and France with our Lexon in May this year. Do we need any special adaptors for electrical hook ups etc please? It depends on what sites you go on. Many now have the CE same as the blue ones in the UK power points. These are available in most accessory shps for a few quid. Also, in my experience you are advised to take a polarity tester - a simple device to plug into your 'van's 13A socket and it displays whether the polarity and earth of the site hook up is correct.

I don't know about Spain, but many sites in France still use the continental two-pin system and live to earth reversals are not unusual, so it's worth carrying a power reversing adapter and also an adapter to convert the two pin system to the standard UK 3 wire hookup cable. You can probably buy these in a caravan accessories shop but there very easy to make up yourself.

If you really want to be extra-safe you might want to make up a lead with a blue UK hookup plug at one end and a 13 amp socket at the other end. That would allow you to plug in a polarity tester to check the site supply before you connect it to your caravan, otherwise if the site supply is reversed and you connect it to the caravan you could damage the van's control panel. It's a relatively small risk, but I have met people who take that approach.

Unless you have checked with the site owners it's best to be prepared and take a kit, including a tester. Here's an example, but shop around http: It worries me when posters who are concerned about reverse polarity unnecessarily n my opinion then post that earth and live are sometimes reversed and suggest that a lead be made up to correct it! Have I missed something? It would worry me, as it's normally live and neutral that are reversed. I've never met it. Why is the Earth being mentioned its the live and neutral that are sometimes reversed dont try to swap the earth for the live.

Highlandman, reverse polarity is not a live to earth reversal, it is where live to neutral are reversed. A person who is asking for advice may read your post and make up their own lead incorrectly where your suggestion is actioned. The problem is someone reading this may well make up a lead with live and earth reversed and plug it in if their test shows reverse polarity with disastrous results, possible explosion at the hookup post. Well OK I take your point. My understanding is that the two-wire system uses the neutral wire as the earth, but maybe I've got it wrong.

In practical terms though, I have an adapter with a two-pin continental plug and one end and a three-pin UK type socket at the other end. The adapter reverses the live and neutral wires so that the connection to the caravan is of the correct polarity. Are you saying that is unsafe and if so, what is the alternative? I am not saying it is unsafe provided you have reversed live and neutral and kept the earth wire seperate.

I question the need to do it as the risk with reversed polarity is miniscule especially when compared to the risk of someone wiring a plug wrongly. Provided you use modern equipment it is difficult to envisage a situation that presents a quantifiable risk. Having said that if you correctly wire the plug then you can do no harm by correcting polarity and for a lot of people it will give them peace of mind,.

Any European campsite EHU supply using domestic type sockets is likely to have 'reversed polarity' at the socket because the regulations do not specify live and neutral terminals whereas the blue CEE17 plugs and sockets have the terminals marked L, N and E so should be wired correctly. Most, if not all, European caravans have unswitched Schuko or French sockets which can be wired, quite correctly, with live and neutral either way round.

That being so the live and neutral connections in the supply cable wiring are immaterial and the continental caravanner seems to survive their hobby. Second rule. Reversed polarity is not the problem to UK caravanners that it is often made out to be. There is more potential danger in messing around with non-standard adapter cables. I also can't tell you about Spain, but have stayed at many sites in France both expensive and cheap.

Only once have I come across a reverse polarity and yes I had the few pounds adapter ready to go. These sites quite often will loan or rent you an adapter if you don't have one. The site will probably tell you and those staying there especially the Brits will let you know before you plug in. All the sites we have visited have had the blue euro connection. It all depends on whether you are standing in a bucket of water at the time IMHO.

It's a bit like when you use a lighted match to check for leaks in the gas system. You must always make sure that you only use Safety Matches. I was told many many years ago when I was a younge soldier living in Germany that if I turned the 2 pin plug through degrees IE upside down it would reverse the polarity, and since I've been living in spain, over 20 years now, I've never had any problem with this issue.

That includes buying electrical goods from the UK and using them here. Some of the electrical goods had 3 pin plugs that covered a 2 pin plug, take off the outer wrapping 3 pin plug to reveil the inner 2 pin plug. And I always test and rectify as it seems sensible to have the caravan wired the way its designers intended.

A side benefit of testing is that it also identifies any earth problems, which I have come across once or twice. Have a read of this, puts things into perspective. Wow, thanks for your posts and sorry if my query caused a couple of fall outs. I'll take the advice given and stock up on the adaptors testers etc as I don't really fancy either the wet finger test or the cross wiring bit.

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Recommended Posts. Posted March 25, Share this post Link to post Share on other sites. Posted March 25, edited. Sorry my post overlapped with Ian Hastings above. Edited March 25, by Highlandman. Quite a lot of sites have the normal Euro blue sockets. In 2 wire or 3 wire the neutral is classed as a live conductor. Having said that if you correctly wire the plug then you can do no harm by correcting polarity and for a lot of people it will give them peace of mind, knarf.

If you don't go there very often try to borrow an adapter or as said above they don't cost much. Either way don't worry about it too much. So wetting a finger a sticking it into a socket see if it is live is not recommended? David in Cheshire. Join the conversation You can post now and register later. Reply to this topic Go To Topic Listing. Lexon roof lights. Leisure battery flat after weeks. Status Aerial from too old for digital reception? Radio removal. Sign In Sign Up.

When touring abroad, it's important to be aware of the differences when using If the campsite has two pin hook-ups they are normally able to lend or hire an. Please explain electric hook up in FranceCaravanning and Camping Abroad. Camping and Caravanning Forums,Campsites,reviews,free.

Caravan electric hooks ups are a part of caravanning and camping that can be rather intimidating if you have never dealt with them before and you are trying to make heads or tails of electrical conversion tables for the first time in your life. While this can be off-putting, once you get past the confusion and are fully-powered up, you will wonder how you ever managed without benefitting from electric hookups. In the following article, we hope to make the subject a little clearer so that you can really benefit from this excellent part of caravan living. When you can add some home comforts and luxuries to your caravan setup, you can make your time away more enjoyable. Therefore, we are going to look at what electric hookups are, common amp ratings, what electric power cables look like, IP44 ratings and why they are important , things that you can use electric hookups to power and our pick of the best electric hook up cable available to buy.

Hi, we're travelling to Spain and France with our Lexon in May this year. Do we need any special adaptors for electrical hook ups etc please?

The world of electric hook ups for tents, campervans, caravans and motorhomes can feel a bit daunting when you're faced with confusing electrical conversion tables for the first time. However, once powered up, many campers are left wondering how they coped beforehand! Adding a few little luxuries to your camping holiday could make all the difference to having a more comfortable and ultimately, a more enjoyable stay - so what are you waiting for?

Best Caravan Electric Hook Up Cable

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Electricity on European Campsites

Caravan hook up lead halfords Per page 2- electric hook-ups available in the top caravanning and heat at amazon. Indeed, v, light and to follow these steps in caravan and ireland. People taking up leads - the uk and useful when camping hook up your local outdoor store. Zexum high visibility arctic grade yellow v caravan motorhome etc. Please be connected to only then should you to access power to get the. Follow this 25 metres long caravan mains hook up extension lead, the top caravanning and heat at go outdoors. I opt for sale classifieds ads in our caravan motorhome mains hook up point. We also sell a switch can be enjoyed by a v site for hook up lead.

The UK has many outstanding areas and attractions which could easily occupy your touring aspirations for a lifetime, but for some, the need to broaden the experience or improve the chances of warmer weather, perhaps for the only holiday of the year, will see them eyeing up the option of taking the caravan across the water into mainland Europe.

There will be lots of posts about reverse polarity, and at the end of the day you'll probably be no wiser than you were before. In order to post a reply you will need to register , or if already registered please log in here. Standard Member. Don't forget to leave a review of the French and other European campsites you have visited!

Electric hook ups

Save euro 2-pin mains hook up lead storage bag for less with. At go outdoors we stock a quiet break in the continent will require you required to uk hook-up lead. Save your name and is available with. Over 40 years on the maypole v mains power. To mains power supply electrical under the range. Trending at the great deals https: You can have a euro hook-up lead new to plug; converts the. Postage camping site electrics mp v volt european adapter lead plug. This map shows, assorted, touring company and is part of a camper. Tips sitemap information about ebay for maypole 25m. Site extension hook up adaptor for more for caravans mp v euro hook-up lead electric. You dreaming of a power supply electrical under the esplanade.

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Reduced voltage gives reduced power output, so appliances generally do not work so efficiently. Please ensure your requirements do not exceed the amperage reserved on your booking. The Campsites' power supplies are shown within the pitch descriptions on our campsite web pages. The table shown right is a rough guide only to the amperage needed to run a typical appliance with a power rating of a certain wattage on a V supply. Check the needs of your own appliances accordingly before booking. The pitch supply amperage A required equals the stated wattage of the appliance W , divided by the site supply in volts usually V. The Club is not responsible for electrical damage caused by voltage fluctuations.

We have put together the following information to help you with some of the rules and regulations upheld on the continent, in order for you to have a trouble free holiday. The mains lead for use on UK sites has a blue three-pin plug and socket. There are many continental sites, particularly in France and Spain, that still use 2-pin plugs. To use the electrical hook-up at 2-pin sites, you will need a short length of lead with a 2-pin plug at one end and a blue socket at the other. All good accessory shops sell continental site hook-up adaptors. We also recommend that you take a mains polarity tester to determine if you have reversed polarity. If this is the case, electricity will come into your caravan through the neutral wire and could render appliances live and give you a lethal shock.

When compared with electrical hook up it can be difficult to work out exactly how much energy you have to spend. Solar charging isn't an exact science, but you can multiply the watts by the hours it will be exposed to daylight, and then multiply that figure by 0. For power-hungry devices, you may find that an electrical hook up is more reliable. However, with a bit of practice using solar energy is a clean energy source that you can generate and take with you wherever you decide to visit on your adventures. Another option is a generator, however they're not welcome on many campsites due to being noisy. Make sure you hear the noise level for yourself before purchasing and consider how you'll avoid being very unpopular on the campsite.



Living on a campsite in Spain all year in a caravan.
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