Borderlands 2 matchmaking no games

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Anybody else having trouble finding public games?

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Store Page. Borderlands 2 No games found? The matchmaking shows you players within 3 levels of your current character, in your region. My Borderlands 1 finds several players. Why not the case with Borderlands 2? Help please.

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Make things as simple as possible but no simpler.

I understand your frustration, but I have done everything I am able to do to help you resolve this case! I am deeply sorry for the inconvenience, but I have provided all the support that is available at this time!

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By using our site, you acknowledge that you have read and understand our Cookie Policy , Privacy Policy , and our Terms of Service. By now, most players who have played BL2 have finished the main storyline and are pretty much visiting the other DLC. When I try to join a match, however, whether it be a quick match or a server browser, it seems I get kicked out of each game because I don't own any DLC, and the people on that server have it and are in it. The way you can avoid that is to make your own online game that people can join. It may not be as fun initially, but at least it will scale back the other person's game to match yours if they do have DLC. Home Questions Tags Users Unanswered.

Borderlands 2 matchmaking no games found

Gearbox recognizes the issue but does not have a ETA on a fix. This is absolutely an error on their end not ours. Just wanted to let people know, after manyyyyy months of trying… yesterday finally it seems matchmaking started working again. Not as it used to on , but i manged to join games and people keep joining in for hours. It seems its starting to get back. I was very angry at gearbox for this, but i did had a blast yesterdya playing online, so just here to spread the word and get people playing again. One thing i did change: Im from panama, but i have had always my region to US. I tried this before with no results , but a few days ago i changed my region settings to colombia next to panama as apnama is not listed. I dont know if it had something to do or not.

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Borderlands GOTY players are unable to play co-op, Gearbox working on a solution

So I've tried to play public games almost every time I start playing, I set it to public and just play the game while I wait. So I'm a decent length into the game and now at eval 15, I also just started the DLC, it has only happened once, why are people not joining my games? Oh, there's your problem then. I fear most people playing the DLC are level 30ish right now, having already completed the game on normal. Come back in 15 levels time. Shit I'd imagine most people playing the DLC are level 50 so they can get the best loot. I played as my level 50 commando and had no problem with people joining my game. Quite sure this is a case of "being late to the party". I can't imagine the majority of the player base are around level 15, but more likely like dudeglove pointed out several levels higher. If I were you I'd leave the DLC for either your second playthrough, or for after beating your second playthrough.

Anybody else having trouble finding public games?

Problem with Borederlands 2 Matchmaking.. IGN Boards. Downloaded the bonuses from Borderlands 2 Game of the Year. Yet every time I try to enter a Matchmaking Online multiplayer game, I got brought back to the main. Aktive emner Ubesvarte emner. Borderlands 2: Want to become better at Borderlands 2?.

Borderlands 2

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Should I buy Borderlands 2 in 2018 (PC)?

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Xbox One matchmaking not working for Borderlands 2. NO GAMES FOUND!

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